Who is the owner of regimanuel estate?

Botchwey’s Profile. Emmanuel Botchwey is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Regimanuel Gray Group. Before his rise to this position, he served as Executive Director of the company from its inception from 1991 to 1997.

Which estate is the biggest in Ghana?

The town is known for being one of the largest estates in West Africa….

Nickname(s): DC
Country Ghana
Region Greater Accra Region

Which estate is the best in Ghana?

Lakeside Estates is one of the best estates in Ghana, so many people search for land for sale there. A two (2) bedroom house at Lakeside is very affordable. There are many advantages to owning Lakeside Estate townhomes or apartments.

Where do the rich live in Ghana?

Cantonments is an affluent suburb of the Ghanaian city Accra. It is a planned residential area which is mostly occupied by rich people and government officials. Trasacco valley is one of the beautiful places in Ghana. The place offers a controlled serene environment where leaving is very comfortable.

Who is the best estate developer in Ghana?

Top Real Estate Developers in Ghana

Rank Company Country
2 Manet Group Ghana
3 Devtraco Ghana Limited Ghana
4 Buena Vista Homes Limited Ghana

What is the best place to live in Ghana?

If you are trying to visit Ghana or you intend to find some of the best and luxurious communities to explore, you should consider the following areas:

  • Airport Residential Area, Accra. airport residential area.
  • Cantonments. One of the affluent neighbourhoods in Accra is Cantonments.
  • Osu, Accra.
  • Labone, Accra.
  • East Legon.

Which city in Ghana is the richest?

As the capital of Ghana, Accra is home to the largest concentration of wealth ($35 billion, to be exact) in the country, along with the greatest number of excessively wealthy individuals. According to Naijaquest, 2300 millionaires and 100 multi-billionaires currently call Accra their home.

Is real estate profitable in Ghana?

High Return on Investment Consequently, owners of real estate are able to generate good returns on their investment from this demand. For instance, reports show that rental yields in Accra range between 8-12%. Indeed, this stands as one of the highest yields in Africa.

How can I invest in property in Ghana?

Buy REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) REITs allow you to invest in real estate without the physical real estate. This saves you from the time and cost commitment of buying your real estate property but provides you with exposure to Ghana’s real estate market.