Who is the owner of my Lahore?

Asghar Ali
Asghar Ali (MBA) – CEO – Mylahore | LinkedIn.

When did my Lahore Birmingham Open?

With the amount of restaurants, cafes and deli bars around Bradford MyLahore has managed to stay on the top since opening in 2002, Ali reveals MyLahore’s secrets to being the best, “We always kept innovating and improving, we never stood still with the successes and we are as passionate today about the business as we …

Is MyLahore gluten free?

Review of MyLahore Flagship. Description: MyLahore is rooted in Yorkshire in a world of small kitchens yet huge hearts, where families tuck into everything from samosas to shepherd’s pie, and karahis to cornflake tarts.

How old is Asghar Ali?

Ali al-Asghar ibn Husayn

Ali al-Asghar ibn al-Husayn
Born Rabi’ al-Thani (or12 April 680)
Died 10 Muharram 61 A.H. (or c.10 October 680 (aged 6 months) Karbala’, ‘Iraq
Burial place Imam Hussain Shrine
Parents Al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali (father) Rubab bint Imra’ al-Qays (mother)

Who is ishfaq Farooq?

Ishfaq Farooq – Director – Mylahore | LinkedIn.

Is my Lahore a franchise?

No, We are a family run organisation that is opening branches across the United Kingdom but it could be a possibility to offer franchising opportunities in the near future.

Is my Lahore HMC?

Are we HMC Registered? No as we have not yet found a supplier who can meet the high standards of meat and poultry currently used by MyLahore. We can however guarantee all our meat and poultry is 100% halal as we have taken steps to ensure this by only using UK farmed animals.

Who was imam Asghar?

Who is Ali Asgar wife?

Siddika AsgarAli Asgar / Wife (m. 2005)

When was my Lahore founded?

About us. MyLahore was started in Bradford in 2002 from humble beginnings by cousins Asghar Ali and Shakoor Ahmed.

Is KFC Halal HFA?

“We understand some KFC branches are certified Halal by the Halal Food Authority (HFA) and the poultry produced is stunned and hand slaughtered.

Do HMC stun their meat?

Answer: No. Part of our criteria is that animals are not stunned. For further details please refer to the Issues of Stunning section.