Who is the new 9NEWS Weather girl?

COLORADO, USA — Keely Chalmers is a Meteorologist and Reporter at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado. Keely joined the 9NEWS Weather Team in January 2022 as a weekend morning and midday meteorologist. She grew up in Colorado and is happy to be home.

Who just left 9NEWS?

Eddie Randle is leaving 9NEWS for an amazing opportunity as a morning anchor in Kansas.

Who are the Channel 9NEWS reporters?

Sydney News Team

  • Peter Overton. Presenter. @PeterOverton.
  • Amber Sherlock. Presenter. @AmberSherlock.
  • Belinda Russell. Presenter. @belindarussell_
  • Cameron Williams. Sports Editor. @camjwilliams.
  • Alice Monfries. Presenter and Reporter. @alicemonfries.
  • Lara Vella. TODAY Sydney reporter.
  • Damian Ryan. Reporter.
  • Mark Burrows. Reporter.

Is Kim Christiansen married?

Greg FeithKim Christiansen / SpouseGregory Allen “Greg” Feith is an American former Senior Air Safety Investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board. He currently works as a consultant on aviation safety and security matters in the private sector, and as the aviation expert for NBC and MSNBC. Wikipedia

Who left Channel 9 Denver?

9News’s Liz Kotalik Is Latest Denver TV Journalist to Leave TV. Over the years, Denver television journalists have often jumped from station to station and market to market as they build their careers.

Who is leaving channel 9 in Denver?

9News’s Liz Kotalik Is Latest Denver TV Journalist to Leave TV.

Is Kylie Bearse leaving 9News?

Kylie Bearse will be on KDVR’s morning show April 20, 2021 at 6:05 a.m. After leaving 9News (KUSA) earlier this month, Meteorologist Kylie Bearse has announced that she’ll be joining FOX 31 (KDVR) starting next week.

How old is Belinda Russell?

Belinda Russell (born ca. 1978 in Biloela, Queensland, Australia) is an Australian television newsreader, weather presenter and journalist….

Belinda Russell
Born Queensland, Australia
Education University of Southern Queensland
Occupation Newsreader, weather presenter, reporter
Years active 1999–present

Who is Kathy Sabine married to?

Scott CrawfordKathy Sabine / Spouse (m. 2005)

What is Marty Coniglio doing these days?

Channel 9 appears to have taken Coniglio’s bio down from its website, and the meteorologist has removed any mention of the station from his Twitter page. Coniglio’s bio now promotes his skills as a forensic weather expert and expert witness in legal cases and insurance claims.

Did Kathy Sabine retire?

In a February profile, 9News forecaster Kathy Sabine spoke glowingly about the 25-plus years she’d spent at the station but conceded that her future there was cloudy.