Who is the narrator of the story The Outsiders quizlet?

What do we learn is the name of the narrator? The narrator’s name is Ponyboy Curtis.

Who are the greasers in The Outsiders quizlet?

Terms in this set (11)

  • Ponyboy Curtis.
  • Sodapop Curtis.
  • Darry (Darrel) Curtis.
  • Johnny Cade.
  • Dally (Dallas) Winston.
  • Two-Bit Matthews (Keith)
  • Steve Randle.
  • Cherry (Sherri) Valance.

What are some questions about The Outsiders?

Questions on Theme

  • How does S. E. Hinton use the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay in the book?
  • Do you think The Outsiders is a realistic story?
  • At the end of the book, Ponyboy writes an essay for his teacher beginning with the same words the book began with.
  • What is the significance of violence in The Outsiders?

Why does Cherry tell Ponyboy about the SOCS?

What does Cherry tell Ponyboy about the Socs? Cherry tells Ponyboy that not only money separates Socs from greasers, but that greasers have different sets of values, (according to Cherry, Socs are more sophisticated, opposed to the greaser who are more emotional).

How did Two-Bit get his name?

Nickname & Description He got his name because he refuses to shut his mouth. Two-Bit ‘always has to get his two-bits in,’ recalls Ponyboy, the novel’s narrator. The smart remarks to police or the Socs keep him in trouble.

What was Two-Bit famous for?

Keith “Two-Bit” Mathews (spelled Matthews in the film credits) is eighteen and a half, and still a Junior in high school. and a supporting character in The Outsiders. He is the “oldest and the wisecracker of the bunch.” He’s the second oldest, behind Darry (who’s 20), and is known for stealing.

Who is sodapop’s best friend?

Steve Randle
Steve Randle: Sodapop’s best friend since grade school.

What is Dally Winston known for?

Dallas, known as “Dally,” is a hardened teen who used to run with gangs in New York. He has an elfin face and icy blue eyes and, unlike his friends, does not put grease in his white-blond hair. Dally’s violent tendencies make him more dangerous than the other greasers, and he takes pride in his criminal record.

Why did Dally harass Cherry and Marcia?

Answers 2. Dally bothered the girls because he liked them….. and also because he knew they were involved with the Socs. He wasn’t the kind of guy who ignored pretty girls….. neither was he always nice to them.

What cut Johnny’s face so badly in the fight?

One of the Socs wore several rings and the rings badly cut Johnny. The beating wasn’t what had changed Johnny, it was the fact that they had scared him. Johnny never walked alone anymore, and he vowed that he would kill the next person who jumped him. The story of Johnny’s beating visibly upsets Cherry.