Who is the leg in the graduate poster?

star Linda Gray
Dallas star Linda Gray made a surprising revelation on Anderson Cooper’s talk show this week. The actress said on Tuesday’s Anderson Live that it was her leg — and not The Graduate star Anne Bancroft’s — that was used on the poster for the 1967 movie.

Who are the legs on the graduate?

The iconic promotional image for the 1967 movie shows a young Dustin Hoffman eyeing up an anonymous stocking-clad leg. But instead of belonging to the film’s female lead, Anne Bancroft, that leg was actually that of Ms Gray, who began her career as a model before finding fame as an actress in the Seventies.

Did Anne Bancroft use a body double?

Robinson wasn’t always easy. “The role certainly called [for nudity],” said Daniel. “Anne said she was prepared to do it, but when the day came, she just realized she couldn’t. They got a body double to take care of that.

How old was Mrs Robinson in The Graduate?

Robinson, the older woman with whom Benjamin has an affair, a then-35-year-old Anne Bancroft was playing a woman at least 10 years older, which is a sharp reminder of Hollywood’s ideas of women’s looks.) But 30 years on, he’d seen the light and realized who the real heroine of the movie was: “Well, here is to you, Mrs.

Who played the landlord in The Graduate?

Norman Fell
Norman Fell (born Norman Noah Feld; March 24, 1924 – December 14, 1998) was an American actor of film and television, most famous for his role as landlord Mr. Roper on the sitcom Three’s Company and its spin-off, The Ropers, and his film roles in Ocean’s 11 (1960), The Graduate (1967), and Bullitt (1968).

Did Benjamin sleep with Mrs. Robinson?

Also, Ben was asked- more than once- by both Mr. and Mrs. R, “How long have I known you?” The answer was all his life. Finally, when he told Elaine he had an affair and she asked if the woman was married and had a family, he said yes, and they had a son.

Why did Mrs. Robinson sleep with Benjamin?

Mrs. Robinson is the original cougar, so to speak. She seduces Benjamin simply because she is tired of her marriage and wants a fun sexual encounter. Mr.

Why did Mrs Robinson seduce Ben?

Is Mrs Robinson a real person?

In Rumour Has It, the mystery is finally solved when the Mrs Robinson model, played by Shirley MacLaine, is unmasked. In real life, however, only one man knows her identity: Charles Webb, the devout nonconformist who wrote the 1963 book that inspired Mike Nichols’s masterful film.

Is actor Norman Fell still alive?

December 14, 1998Norman Fell / Date of death

Who was Norman Fell married to?

Karen Weingardm. 1975–1995
Diane Weissm. 1961–1973
Norman Fell/Spouse

Did Mrs. Robinson seduce Ben?

Who is the leg on the Graduate poster?

Linda Gray’s leg was used as a stunt double on the poster advertising The Graduate in the ’60s. At the time she was an unknown model without any film credits.

Who are the actors in the movie The Graduate?

Every adult in The Graduate is addressed as Mr. or Mrs. Even after Benjamin slept with Mrs. Robinson, he never addressed her by her first name. This is said to have been a clear sign of the generation gap that was so prevalent at the time. Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman. Source: IMDB

Did Anne Bancroft really hold Dustin Hoffman’s leg in the Graduate?

The stockinged leg that held Dustin Hoffman rapt in the poster for The Graduate belonged to Linda Gray, not Anne Bancroft. Photograph: AP