Who is the blonde werewolf in The Originals?

Oliver R.
Last seen. Oliver R. was a recurring character that appeared in the first season and second season of The Originals. He was a werewolf, and Jackson Kenner’s best friend, with the two considering themselves as brothers.

Who was Francesca Correa in The Originals?

Peta Sergeant

Francesca Guerrera
Biographical Information
Played By Peta Sergeant
First Appearance Moon Over Bourbon Street
Last Appearance Rebirth

Who is Dianna Mikaelssen?

Dianna Monet Mikaelsson (nee Labonair) is an Original Immortal Tribrid. She is the daughter of Alaina Olsen and Cyrus Labonair. She is the wife of Elijah Mikaelson, adoptive mother of Saga Mikaelssen, and the mother of Olympia Mikaelson.

Does Cami get pregnant?

It is revealed that she is pregnant by Niklaus Mikaelson, when Dianna Mikaelson hears the heartbeat of the baby from inside her womb when she visits to discuss Cami’s betrayal with her. She tells Cami what she heard and it is revealed that she is in fact expecting a baby.

Is Klaus a crescent Wolf?

The family’s known oldest ancestor is Ansel, and known most powerful ancestor is Niklaus Mikaelson. This family has had a bad relationship/rivalry with the Crescent Wolf Pack, a pack in the Southeastern United States, since the beginning of their existence.

Is Eve a werewolf?

Eve was an untriggered Werewolf who first made an appearance in Bloodletting. She lived in the Bayou with the rest of the werewolves who were exiled from New Orleans by Marcel Gerard.

Do Klau and CAMI have babies?

Grace Amaris Rose O’Connell-Mikaelson is a siphoner-werewolf-vampire mortal triman. She is the daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Camille O’Connell-Mikaelson and the paternal younger half-sister of Hope Mikaelson.

Who played Dianna Mikaelson?

Main characters

Character Actor Seasons
Davina Claire Danielle Campbell Main
Vincent Griffith Yusuf Gatewood Guest
Freya Mikaelson Riley Voelkel

Does Davina and KOL have a child?

The family relationship between Kol Mikaelson, Davina Claire-Mikaelson, and their daughter, Henriikka. Kol and Davina conceived Henriikka after moving to San Francisco following season four of The Originals and before season five.

Do Klaus and Cami have babies?