Who is the artist of La Grenouille?

Claude MonetBain à la Grenouillère / ArtistOscar-Claude Monet was a French painter and founder of impressionist painting who is seen as a key precursor to modernism, especially in his attempts to paint nature as he perceived it. Wikipedia

What is the meaning of La grenouillère?

La Grenouillere (Frog-Pool) was a very popular bathing and boating place on the Seine close to Bougival, where Monet was living and working in 1869.

What country was la Grenouillere made in?

Bain à la Grenouillère

La Grenouillère
Year 1869
Medium oil paint, canvas
Dimensions 74.6 cm (29.4 in) × 99.7 cm (39.3 in)
Location Metropolitan Museum of Art, France

When was La Grenouillere painted?

1869–1869Bain à la Grenouillère / Created

Where was La Grenouillere painted?

It was painted in the early days of Impressionism, at the same time as Claude Monet’s Bain à la Grenouillère, with the two impoverished friends and fellow artists sitting side by side….

La Grenouillère
Location Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Who painted the Frog Pond?

In the summer of 1869, Monet and Renoir painted together at a small outdoor café and bathing establishment in the Seine River near Bougival called La Grenouillère (“the Frog Pond”).

Where is grenouillere?

New York (since 1897)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bain à la Grenouillère/Locations

Where was La grenouillère painted?

Stockholm, Sweden. La Grenouillère, the frog pond was a popular venue for outings from Paris and for bathing in the summer, situated outside Bougival to the west of the capital. The sun is filtered through the green leaves and it sparkles on the surface of the river Seine. People are bathing.