Who is number 1 in Afro Samurai?

Justice wears the Number One headband to become god, while Afro wears the Number Two for revenge. In Afro Samurai Resurrection, Sio and Jinno take Rokutaro’s jawbone and help Dharman use it to resurrect Rokutaro.

Who is Afro Samurai’s mother?

Appears in Afro Samurai (Anime) Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Race Human
Gender Male
Address Hell

Who is the guy with white hair in Afro Samurai?

Ninja Ninja
Ninja Ninja (ニンジャニンジャ, Ninja Ninja) is apparently the deuteragonist of the series (the main protagonist being Afro)….

Ninja Ninja
Manga name Ninja Ninja
Debut Episode 1: Revenge (Anime) Chapter 1 (Manga)

Was justice already dead?

Throughout Resurrection it is common knowledge that Justice is dead before his big reappearance at the end of the film….

Anime name Justice
Alternate names The Number One
Debut Episode 1: Revenge (Anime) Chapter 01 (Manga)
Appears in Afro Samurai (Anime) Afro Samurai: Resurrection

What does the Number 2 headband do?

Whilst the person who owns the Number One is untouchable, the Number Two is not, and has to live with the knowledge that they can trust no one and love no one and will be hunted by those who seek their Headband.

Does the Number 1 headband have powers?

The headband doesn’t give any power. It’s just a normal head band. The only reason why people want it, is because who ever owns it is the most powerful fighter. The #1 headband on a persons head would mean that that person is the strongest fighter.

Who killed Afro Samurai?

Jinno attacks Afro unexpectedly, resulting in Afro being instantly defeated. Jinno takes Afro’s unconscious body to Sio. Sio then takes the number one headband from Afro. She finds the grave of Afro’s father, Rokutaro, and takes his jaw, hoping to genetically clone him and make him kill Afro.

Does Rokutaro look like Afro in the manga?

Although there are minor differences to Rokutaro and Afro he is seen to look exactly like Afro in the manga. Rokutaro was challenged by the then Number 2 Justice, when Afro was a small boy. Rokutaro told Afro to wait a safe distance away and goes to meet Justice.

Why did Rokutaro kill Afro?

During the time Rokutaro was The Number One, he had a son and grew guilt ridden on all the death and despair he caused and simply wanted to hide the headbands and conceal the legend, but Justice killed him before he could do this. Although there are minor differences to Rokutaro and Afro he is seen to look exactly like Afro in the manga.

Is there a live action Afro Samurai movie?

A 4-disc collection of both Afro Samurai Director’s Cut and Afro Samurai: Resurrection, together in one complete boxset. Announced at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con International, a live action version of the series is said to be in the making.

Is Rokutaro afro’s son?

His death sends Afro on his quest for vengeance. Like his son, he has an afro but wears it in a pony tail, at least in the anime, but in the manga he looks exactly like Afro. Rokutaro was part of a clan of Swordsmen along with Justice and Sword Master.