Who is better Barrera or Morales?

Erik Morales has been more successful than Barrera. Yes, Barrera beat Morales twice, but their trilogy was so close, it could’ve gone either way. Both fighters captured the Super Bantamweight title. Barrera held the WBO title while Morales held the WBC title.

How many times did Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera fight?

Morales and Barrera fought three times in four years in highly entertaining and close fights.

Who won the Barrera vs Morales trilogy?

Morales was declared winner by split decision, with scores of 115-112, 114-113 and 113-114 and captured the WBO Super Bantamweight title. Many believed that Barrera deserved the decision.

Who won Barrera vs Morales 2?

It took place on June 22, 2002, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Barrera won the contest by unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it 115-113 and the other scoring it 116-112 for Barrera.

Who is better Marquez or Morales?

Remarkably, all three of them have won six major titles in three weight classes. They have won between 64 and 75 percent of fights against titleholders (Morales 15-5, 75 percent; Barrera 18-7, 72 percent; Marquez 9-4-1, 64 percent).

Are Barrera and Morales friends?

Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera are buddies long after a rivalry as contentious and bitter as any in boxing’s modern history. But there they were, old enemies in an alliance as unlikely as ever at Caesars Palace. Barrera introduced Morales, one of nine fighters inducted to the Nevada Hall Saturday night.

Why did Barrera and Morales hate each other?

The question is, why did these two hate each other so much? “We had many problems and many problems in the press. “We had problems playing football, and members of our teams switched sides and there was a lot of gossip going around between the two camps,” Morales confirmed.

Who won Barrera vs Morales 4?

After 12 rounds of fury, Barrera’s arms were raised via majority decision (115-113, 115-114, 114-114). Again the decision was controversial and Morales’ supporters claimed the judges had been sympathetic to Barrera due to the questions raised by the decision in fight one.

Why do Barrera and Morales hate each other?

While hostility between boxers can sometimes be manufactured to help create interest, Morales and Barrera had a genuine dislike for each other. They were different in their methods—Morales was a tall, talented puncher, while Barrera was a short, stout boxer who loved to work up close.

Did Marquez ever fight Morales?

Marquez also claimed that Morales and his handlers did everything possible to avoid a fight with him. Morales disputes that claim – and says it was Marquez who backed away from his approaches. “That [fight] was never done because of Marquez.

Who won Barrera vs Marquez?

The fight definitely lived up to expectations as both fighters showed true Mexican pride in the ring. However, it was Marquez who got the better of the two by winning by a seriously tough unanimous decision. Two judges scored the fight 116-111 and one judge scored it 118-109, all in favor of the challenger Marquez.

Why did Morales and Barrera hate each other?