Who does Sookie sleep with?

Eric and Sookie Sookie starts to see a new side of Eric, and soon starts to fall in love with him. They have sex for the first time in the Season 4 episode “I Wish I Was the Moon”.

Who did Jason Stackhouse end up with?

Almost 4 years later, after Sookie agreed to stake Bill, leaving her heartbroken, New Blood has been released to the market and the Hep-V epidemic is ended. Jason and Bridget are married with many kids. The last scene shows family and friends of Sookie and Jason enjoying dinner at the Stackhouses.

What season does Sookie become a vampire?

Season 5
Turn! Turn! Turn! (True Blood)

“Turn! Turn! Turn!”
Episode no. Season 5 Episode 1
Directed by Daniel Minahan
Written by Brian Buckner
Production code 501

Who does Bill Compton end up with?

Caroline Isabel Compton
Bill Compton (The Southern Vampire Mysteries)

Bill Compton
Spouse Caroline Isabel Compton (human wife)
Children Sarah Isabel Compton (daughter; b. 1861) Thomas Charles Compton (son; 1862-1868) Lee Davis Compton (son; 1866-1867) Jessica Hamby (vampire offspring – tv series)

Does Jason become a panther?

In the book series “The Southern Vampire Mysteries”, Jason is turned into a werepanther, and, as such, can shift at will from human form to panther. In the HBO series, this does not occur because the Panther, like werewolves and shapeshifters, is hereditary.

Who does Jessica marry in True Blood?

Hoyt Fortenberry

Jessica Hamby
Occupation Waitress, Vampire Princess Of Louisiana
Family Bill Compton (maker) Jordan Hamby (human father) Mrs. Hamby (human mother) Eden Hamby (human sister)
Spouse Hoyt Fortenberry
Religion Christian

Who turns Tara into a vampire?

At the start of season 5, we discover that Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) enlist Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) to turn Tara into a vampire.