Who died in Foghat?

Rod Price, lead guitarist and founding member of British rockers Foghat, died Tuesday in Wilton, New Hampshire, after suffering head trauma from an accidental fall down a stairway. He was fifty-seven years old.

What happened to the lead singer of Foghat?

Dave Peverett, who as lead singer of the British blues-rock quartet Foghat was heard on 1970’s hits like ”Slow Ride” and ”Third Time Lucky,” died last Monday at Florida Hospital South in Orlando. He was 56 and lived in Orlando. The cause was kidney cancer, said Foghat’s manager, Michael McConnell.

Is Lonesome Dave still alive?

February 7, 2000Dave Peverett / Date of death

Who is Rodney O Quinn?

Before joining Foghat, Rodney played in the Pat Travers Band from 2007 to 2015 and was also the manager of the band. He was a co-producer of the “Guitar Gods of the 70’s” tour in 2010, which featured Pat Travers, Mark Farner, Ronnie Montrose and Derek St. Holmes.

Why did Rod Price leave Foghat?

A DVD entitled Two Centuries of Boogie, was recorded at a 1996 concert in Dayton, Ohio. Price once again left Foghat in 1999, after vocalist Dave Peverett was diagnosed with cancer.

Who are the original members of Foghat?

Formed in 1971 when Lonesome Dave Peverett & Roger Earl left the British blues-rock band, Savoy Brown, Foghat has earned eight Gold records, one Platinum record and one Double-Platinum record. And they continue to release new music every few years.

What happened to Lonesome Dave of Foghat?

“Lonesome” Dave Peverett, founding member of ’70s rock radio mainstays Foghat, died on Monday near his home in Florida of complications from cancer.

When did Lonesome Dave leave Foghat?

They have never stopped touring and recording although there have been several ups and downs and changes over the years. They sadly lost Lonesome Dave Peverett in 2000 and Rod Price in 2005, but Roger Earl kept banging & kicking to keep Foghat’s musical legacy going.

Who played bass on slow ride?

The wrinkle on the new version of “Slow Ride” is the presence of not one but two bass players connected to the song — Nick Jameson, who played on the original studio version for 1975’s Fool For The City album, and Craig MacGregor, who joined the band shortly thereafter and played “Slow Ride” on 1977’s LIVE album.

Who were the original members of Foghat?

Formed in January 1971, the group originally included lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist “Lonesome” Dave Peverett, bassist and backing vocalist Tony Stevens, drummer Roger Earl (all recently departed from Savoy Brown) and lead guitarist Rod Price (formerly of Black Cat Bones).

What guitar did Rod Price?

Price’s highly modified Les Paul Jr. (shown here in ’77) has been his primary guitar for years. Price’s highly modified Les Paul Jr. (shown here in ’77) has been his primary guitar for years.