Who built Byker Wall?

Ralph ErskineByker Wall / ArchitectRalph Erskine ARIBA was a British architect and planner who lived and worked in Sweden for most of his life. Wikipedia

When was Byker wall built?

between 1969 and 1982
It is a part of the Byker Estate which was built between 1969 and 1982 by the late architect Ralph Erskine assisted by Vernon Gracie. It covers an area of approximately 200 acres and is home to around 9,500 people.

How long is the Byker Wall?

The Byker Wall is a long, unbroken block of 620 maisonettes in the Byker district of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. They were designed by Ralph Erskine and constructed in the 1970s. The wall is just part of the estate, which in total covers 200 acres (80 hectares)….

Byker Wall
Coordinates 54.975°N 1.578°W
OS grid NZ270645

Is the Byker Wall listed?

Designed by renowned architect Ralph Erskine and constructed in the 1970s, the Byker Wall is considered one of the most distinctive structures on Tyneside. The six-storey complex of 628 flats and maisonettes which stretches for 1.3 miles along the edge of the estate is now a grade-II listed building.

Is Byker Newcastle rough?

Byker and Walker – 823 crimes Offences recorded in March include 33 reports of shoplifting, 83 of criminal damage and arson as well as 236 instances of anti-social behaviour.

What does Byker mean?

Dutch: occupational name for a stonemason (see Bicker).

How many homes does the Byker Wall have?

Today, Byker is best known for Erskine’s Byker Wall, an 1,800-home estate of 9,500 people, which is among the best regarded of Britain’s postwar council estates.

Why is Byker Wall famous?

Giving its reasons for listing Byker Wall, English Heritage singled out the estate both for its “groundbreaking design … influential across Europe”, and its “pioneering … approach to public participation”.

Where is the roughest place in Newcastle?

Benwell and Elswick is in Newcastle’s West End. Prominent areas include Arthur’s Hill, Westgate Road and Elswick Road. Police recorded 42 vehicle crimes, 134 violence and sexual offences and 35 burglaries during March.

Where should I not live in Newcastle?

Avoid Wallsend,Byker, Scotswood,or (despite what Jon says) most of Gateshead. If you wanted to live outside the city, transport links are good via both bus and Metro systems. The coast (Whitley Bay, Tynemouth) is twenty minutes from the city centre,and there are some lovely villages up the Tyne Valley.

Is Sunderland a Viking name?

The name Sunderland was used from the 17th century. The name probably derived from ‘land’ which was ‘sundered’ or separated from the monastery at Monkwearmouth. Gateshead: The Venerable Bede described the place in Saxon times as ‘Goat’s Head’.

What is it like to live in Byker?

Life on the Byker Wall Estate: What it’s really like to live in ‘best neighbourhood in UK’ It’s been named the UK and Ireland’s best neighbourhood – it’s got top schools, friendly neighbours and community art classes – alongside high levels of poverty.