Who are the editors at the National Post?

National Post

The front of the redesigned National Post, September 28, 2007
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Postmedia Network Inc.
Editor-in-chief Rob Roberts
Associate editor Julie Traves

How do I contact postmedia?

  1. Postmedia Network Inc. 365 Bloor Street East. Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M4W 3L4.
  2. General inquiries: 416-383-2300.
  3. Feedback on AODA.

Who owns the National Post?

Postmedia Network

Type Public
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Products Newspapers, Media Websites, News Content
Revenue $619.6 million CAD (2019)
Owner Chatham Asset Management (66%)

Is National Post same as Financial Post?

In 1998, the publication was folded into the new National Post, although the name Financial Post has been retained as the banner for that paper’s business section and also lives on in the Post’s monthly business magazine, Financial Post Business. The Financial Post started publication in 1907 by John Bayne Maclean.

Who is Conrad Black National Post?

Black is a longtime columnist and author, including having written a column for the National Post since he founded it in 1998. He has written over ten books, mostly in the fields of Canadian and American history, including biographies of Quebec premier Maurice Duplessis and US presidents Franklin D.

How do I contact the Globe and Mail?

Call Us for Reader Support Account Maintenance – 1-800-387-5400 (Print Inquiries, Update Credit Card, Change Contact information, New Subscriptions). Technical Support – 1-800-387-5400 (support for apps, mobile website, desktop).

How do I contact national news?

Contact Us

  1. 10107 Senate Drive.
  2. Lanham, MD 20706. Phone:
  3. 301.985.6280. Fax:
  4. 301.985.6296. Email.

How much is national post?

The National Post ePaper is available to you at home or at work, and is the same edition as the printed copy available at the newsstand. The National Post ePaper app allows you to subscribe to a 1 month subscription for $12.99/month or purchase a single issue at $1.99/issue.

Is Financial Post free?

Get unlimited access to Financial Post, plus free access to National Post and 15 major news publications across Canada.

Who is Barbara Kay National Post?

Barbara Kay (born 1943) is a columnist for the Canadian newspaper National Post. She also writes a weekly column for The Post Millennial and a monthly column for Epoch Times.

Is Barbara Amiel still married to Conrad Black?

Barbara Joan Estelle Amiel, Baroness Black of Crossharbour, DSS (born 4 December 1940), is a British-Canadian conservative journalist, writer, and socialite. She is married to former media proprietor Conrad Black….Barbara Amiel.

The Right Honourable The Lady Black of Crossharbour DSS
Known for Journalism

Who is editor in chief of Globe and Mail?

David Walmsley –
David Walmsley – Editor-in-Chief – The Globe and Mail | LinkedIn.