Which tribes are found in Rajasthan?

Scheduled Tribes in Rajasthan

  • Bhil, Bhil Garasia, Dholi Bhil, Dungri Bhil, Dungri Garasia, Mewasi Bhil, Rawal Bhil,
  • Tadvi Bhil.Bhagalia,Bhilala,Pawra,Vasava.
  • Bhil Mina.
  • Damor, Damaria.
  • Dhanka, Tadvi, Tetaria, Valvi.
  • Garasia (Excluding Rajput Garasia.)

Which tribe is largest in Rajasthan?

Bhils. Bhils are the biggest tribe in Rajasthan. Banswara is the main area where Bhils in large numbers.

Which caste is ST category in Rajasthan?

हेल्लो दोस्तों, अगर आप राजस्थान राज्य में अनुसूचित जनजाति (ST), अनुसूचित जाति (SC) और अन्य पिछड़ा वर्ग (OBC) समुदाय से हैं तो कोई केंद्रीय सरकारी नौकरी या कोई अन्य फॉर्म भरते वक्त हो सकता है आपको एसटी/एससी/ओबीसी जाति की केंद्रीय सूची की जरूरत पड़े।

How many Rajputs are in Rajasthan?

Rajputs (13.4%), Jats (11.52%), Meenas (14%), Gurjars (3.73%), Brahman (7.5%) of Rajasthan’s population. % of Rajasthan. Jats are Zamindars of Rajasthan.

How many tribes are in Rajasthan?

75 of the 705 Scheduled Tribes are identified as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) considering they are more backward than Scheduled Tribes.

Which is largest tribe in India?

The Gond comprise the largest tribal group of India with a population exceeding 12 million. Linguistically, the Gond belong to the Gondi–Manda subgroup of the South Central branch of the Dravidian language family.

Which caste is powerful in Rajasthan?

Brahmans Thirdly, Brahmans are the highest caste in Rajasthan and form a majority of the population of the state constituting over 12.5%.

Which is the highest caste in Rajasthan?

In terms of caste structure, the Brahmans (highest caste) are subdivided into many gotras (lineages), while the Mahajans (trading caste) are subdivided into a bewildering number of groups.

Which is the 2nd largest tribe in India?

According to 2011 consus of India. Gond is the second largest tribe, with the population of 4,357,918 constituting 35.6 percent.