Which quest gives most EXP brave frontier?

The highest efficiency currently belongs to Monday Karma Dungeon(LV. 4) at a whopping 880 efficiency during half energy.

Where do I farm XP in brave frontier?

The final fight of Fal Nerga is the best auto battle friendly quest to farm. It has the highest EXP/Energy, even beating Karma Dungeon (Monday’s dungeon at FULL energy cost).

What is the fastest way to level up units in brave frontier?

Once you have your key, go quest until your summoner level is about to increase. Once you’re set up, go into the Vortex and choose Parade Garden. Then click the lock on the Metal Parade to use your key. Then choose the area that has the same element as the unit you want to level.

What items should I keep in brave frontier?

The Long Awaited Item Guide (Part 1 of 2)

Item Type: Nuts Used For Keep
Buru Nut Tonic, Faint, Growth and Broken Light Spheres Keep (until 99)
Hoku Nut DEF Potion, Titan Elixir KEEP
Suzu Nut Holy Water and Cursed Light Sphere Keep (Until 99)
Bara Nut Stimulant, Numb Light Sphere Keep (Until 99)

How do you farm gems in brave frontier?

Zoom through quests to make gems, log on daily so that you can get more gems that way too. When you’re high enough of a level, the bosses will give you plenty gems. Also Frontier Hunter when it comes around is a great way to get gems, zel and karma, as well as useful spheres, enhancing units, etc.

How do I delete my brave frontier account?

[iOS] com. Go to your settings, select Facebook, tap on your name and click “Delete account” and then you can try running Brave Frontier again. Another thing you can try is to disallow Brave Frontier from Facebook and allow it again.

What do amber butterflies do in brave frontier?

Amber Butterflies are evolution materials used to evolve Omni Frog into Omni Emperor, a fusion material used on OE+3 Rarity units to increase their SP cap by 5 points (Max SP cap is 130).

How do you get event bazaar tokens in brave frontier?

It was initially named Event Token System. Each event has its own unique set of tokens that can be acquired through completing event dungeons. Select units will have fixed amount of bonus tokens rewarded in addition to the Battle Reward given at the end of the quest.

How do you increase your team cost in brave frontier?

Manage Squad Cost | Fandom. Well my frend you need to start farming xp in quest mode to lvl up. The only way you get more cost is buy lvling up. If you would like to see when you get cost refer to this .