Which country is No 1 in world football?

Top 20 rankings as of 31 March 2022

Rank Change Team
1 1 Brazil
2 1 Belgium
3 France
4 Argentina

Is football famous in Pakistan?

Association football is among the most popular team sports in Pakistan, together with cricket and field hockey.

Can Pakistan qualify for FIFA World Cup 2026?

Lodhi expects Pakistan will qualify for 2026 World Cup [The News] After being unable to implement Vision 2022, PFF now aims for 2026 World Cup.

What is the rank of India in football world?

India currently ranks 106th on the FIFA table. The men’s Indian football team’s best ranking has been 94, achieved in February 1996.

Who is the lowest ranked football team?

The 10 worst national teams in the world according to the FIFA world rankings

  • 204: San Marino.
  • 205: The British Virgin Islands.
  • 206: Anguilla.
  • 207: The Bahamas.
  • 208: Eritrea.
  • 209: Gibraltar.
  • 210: Somalia.
  • 211: Tonga.

Is Pakistan qualified for FIFA?

The Pakistan national football team represents Pakistan association football in FIFA-authorised events and is controlled by the Pakistan Football Federation, the governing body for football in Pakistan….Pakistan national football team.

FIFA ranking
Current 197 (31 March 2022)
Highest 140 (February 1993)
Lowest 205 (June 2019)
First international

Are there any Pakistani footballers?

Zeshan Rehman (Urdu: ذيشان رحمان; born 14 October 1983) is an English-born Pakistani professional footballer who plays as a defender and is currently a free agent.

Can a Pakistani become a footballer?

First and foremost, you need to possess a valid Pakistani passport and CNIC (Computerised National ID Card) that can make you eligible for the Pakistan national teams (both senior and junior age groups) for squad registration at various AFC and FIFA official tournaments Pakistan takes part in.

Who is top in FIFA ranking?


RK Team Total Points
1 Brazil Brazil 1832.69
2 Belgium Belgium 1827.00
3 France France 1789.85
4 Argentina Argentina 1765.13