Which company is best for AAC blocks?

Here are the best AAC blocks manufacturers in India.

  • Aerocon Blocks. Aerocon bricks are regarded as a premier building material in India, providing numerous innovative benefits to construction firms.
  • Siporex blocks.
  • Biltech AAC BlockM.
  • JK Lakshmi AAC Blocks.
  • Magicrete AAC block.
  • Renacon AAC Blocks.
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Is AAC block cheaper than bricks?

AAC blocks vs red bricks AAC blocks, on the other hand, are lightweight. The weight of AAC blocks is about 80% less than traditional red bricks and leads to a reduction in the use of cement and steel, thus, saving costs.

Can AAC blocks get wet?

Durability and moisture resistance The purposely lightweight nature of AAC makes it prone to impact damage, both during construction and once built. The porous nature of AAC can allow moisture to penetrate to a depth but appropriate design (damp proof course layers and appropriate coating systems) can prevent this.

What is Birla Aerocon?

Birla Aerocon is india’s leading manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks: an amazingly innovative & green building material. What makes it superior is its incredible lightweight and insulation properties. About 1/3rd the density of clay brick, these can be laid much quicker, saving time and building costs.

What is the size of AAC block?

Concrete AAC Block, Size: 600mm X 200mm X 100-300mm

Material Concrete
Size 600mm X 200mm X 100-300mm
Usage/Application Side Walls
Color Grey
Shape Rectangular

What is the disadvantage of AAC?

1) AAC Block is Non load Bearing material, it can be used only in wall partitions. 2) AAC block is brittle in nature that means It can break easily. Presence of voids makes it brittle in nature. 3) Their water absorption is very high.

What is the life of AAC block?

As per AAC-India, AAC blocks have an estimated life of almost 100 years. So for residential houses, which are designed for a span of 50 to 80 years, AAC blocks will last up to the designed life of the structure.

What causes cracks in AAC block walls?

Here are the reasons which may be the cause of cracks on your wall: Shrinkage in blocks or poor quality of blocks may also cause a crack in a wall. Use of higher grade of cement to make mortar. Use of rich cement mortar i.e. the cement content is higher than specified in the design mix.

Is Aerocon panel waterproof?

Aerocon Panels are having excellent Water resistance properties.

Are Aerocon panels strong?

Strength. Long-lasting: Cement-based panels. High axial compression and bending. Strength: Can build load-bearing structures.