Which books are best for IPCC exam?

Here’re the list of ipcc best books for self study:

  1. Students’ Guide to Income Tax including GST:
  2. Students’ Guide to Income Tax including GST – Problems & Solutions:
  3. IPCC Accounting Including Applicable Accounting Standards:
  4. Financial Management Book for CA IPCC:
  5. Cost Accounting Book for CA IPCC:
  6. IPCC GST Book:

Which book is best for EIS SM?

Manish Valechha is exam oriented textbook on EIS &SM.

How should I prepare for ITSM?


  1. First of all understand that ITSM is not a very tuff subject and with proper guidance and planning it can be handled easily.
  2. ICAI Study Material is must: As a general understanding ICAI study material is a must for ITSM preparation.

Which book is best for CA INter taxation?

Subject Wise Recommended Books for CA Intermediate Exam 2022

CA intermediate subjects Name of the books Author name
Paper-4: Taxation Taxmann’s Students’ Guide to Income Tax Including GST Dr. Vinod K Singhania
Students Handbook on Taxation (Includes Income- Tax Law and Goods and Services Tax Law) T.N. Manoharan

Which study material is best for CA?

Best books for CA Foundation preparation are as follows:

  • Principles and Practice of Accounting. a) Fundamentals of Accounting for CA – CPT by P.C Tulsian and Bharat Tulsian.
  • Mercantile Law. a) Mercantile Laws for CA CPT by P C Tulsian.
  • Quantitative Aptitude. a) Quantitative Aptitude by Dr.
  • Other Reference books.

Which book is best for CA preparation?

CA Books List

  • Mercantile Law by MC Kucchal and Vivek Kucchal.
  • CA Foundation Principles and Practice of Accounting by Taxmann.
  • Quicker Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning and Statistics by Taxmann.
  • Fundamentals of Accounting for CA- CPT by PC Tulsian and Bharat Tulsian.

How do I study for EIS?

  1. Best Method to study EIS-SM–Write the name of the topic in your notebook, and then write as many points of that topic as you can cover.
  2. Pay attention to headings and subheadings –These denote the core of the content.
  3. Do not ignore the diagrams and flowcharts – Top scorers vouch for graphical presentation of answers.

Which book is best for CA INter audit?

Surbhi Bansal- For the CA Intermediate exams the book Bestword’s Auditing & Assurance for CA Intermediate was authored by Surbhi Bansal. The various flowcharts and summaries are included in this book through which students can have a quick revision.CA IPCC exam’s all relevant amendments one can find here.

Is practice manual enough for ITSM?

Yes,for ITSM you should completely believe practice manual…it will help you to clear the exams. For audit,you should see practice manual but along with it have one reference book as practice manual of audit is having quite tough language!!

How can I get exemption in ITSM IPCC?

7 top tips to score an exemption in CA-IPCC ITSM

  1. #1 Presentation.
  2. #2 Study Material/Practice Manual.
  3. #3 Charts.
  4. #4 Tabular form or Paragraph form.
  5. #5 Correct/Incorrect type questions.
  6. # 6 Keywords.
  7. # 7 Point to Point answers.

Is ICAI study material enough for CA Intermediate?

Yes, the study material issued by ICAI is more than enough for CA final exams. It’s just that you need to study the entire material and practice all the questions as many times as you can with that solve RTPs and mock test papers as all these will be sufficient for CA final exams. All the very best. Good luck.

How can I order CA Intermediate books?

Log in to www.icai-cds.org with your credentials. How a Member / non registered student or any other stakeholder can place order on CDS portal? Visit www.icai-cds.org. Click on Sign up, register yourself with desired detail and create your login ID and password for placing order.