Where is treasure 8 in Red Dead Redemption?

West of Casa Madrugada head a little past Roca de Madera around the cliff side to find the next treasure carefully not to rush it.

Should I buy the map from Maximo?

It helps if you’ve got fast travel unlocked. It appears that if you encounter Maximo and don’t buy the treasure map, or kill him and don’t loot it from his body, you should be able to buy it from a fence later in the game.

Where is the buried treasure in Red Dead Redemption?

You need to get to the very peak of Nekoti Rock. There’s a path that leads up the mountain. At the top you’ll find a cave entrance inside of which is the treasure.

Where is Rio del Lobo treasure?

Treasure. RĂ­o del Lobo is home to the second treasure. From the picture to the right, up the slope on the cliffside and on a ledge near the campsite at the top in Del Lobo Rock. The gold found is Jackson’s, and can be sold for $125 or $188 with high honor.

How many treasure maps are there in RDR2?

This page contains Red Dead Redemption 2’s Treasure Map locations and solutions. There are currently 11 treasure stashes to find throughout RDR2.

What happens if you decline Maximo RDR2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Jack Hall Gang Treasure You can purchase the first map in this treasure hunt from Maximo, a treasure hunter you can meet after starting Chapter 2 near Flatneck Station. He will offer to sell you the map for $5 if you decline, or you can kill him and take it off of his body.

How many gold bars are in RDR2?

24 gold bars
One of the quickest ways to make money in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to locate and sell gold bars. There are currently a total of 24 gold bars that players can pick up on the map. Each gold bar is worth $500, which is a good amount of money in Red Dead 2.

Where is the Rio del Lobo treasure?

Where is the Hanging Rock in Red Dead Redemption?

The Hanging Rock is an area northeast of Armadillo. The name is derived from the noose that droops from a tree by the rock, obviously used in numerous hangings. It serves as the spot of the first treasure. All three segments of the Stranger side-mission “American Appetites” end in the hills northeast of this location.

Where is Chick’s treasure?

So, let’s solve Chick’s treasure map, shall we? The location you’re looking for is actually in the very south of the Grizzlies East, at the very border of the area. The tree you’re after is southeast of Moonstone Pond, south of the Three Sisters, north of Emerald Station and Emerald Ranch.