Where is the Folsom Street Fair 2022?

The event takes place on the historic Folsom street, from 8th to 13th Streets on South of Market district of San Francisco.

Is Folsom Street Fair 2021 Cancelled?

The Folsom Street Fair may proceed in 2021 in San Francisco as a “modified” in-person event — depending upon public health concerns and COVID-19 vaccination levels — according to the nonprofit’s executive director in an interview with the Bay Area Reporter February 16.

How much is the fair in San Francisco?

The fair offers traditional entertainment such as carnival rides, live concerts, and food vendors with delicious fair specials. General admission ticket prices range from $10 to $15.

What is there to do in the Bay Area in February?


  • Alcatraz Tour.
  • Bay Area Cruise.
  • Hop on Hop off Bus Tour.
  • Day Trip to Napa Valley.
  • Day Trip to Muir Woods.
  • San Francisco Bike Tour.

Is Folsom Street Fair Cancelled?

The infamous adults-only event was canceled in 2020 due to pandemic, but is back for 2021 with new rules and guidelines. Folsom Street, San Francisco’s one-of-a-kind street fair is back. The infamous adults-only event was canceled in 2020 due to pandemic, but is back for 2021 with new rules and guidelines.

Where is Folsom Street Fair located?

Folsom Street2018, 2017, 2016.
San Francisco2011, 2010, 2009.SoMa2011, 2010, 2009.
Folsom Street Fair/Event locations

What day is Folsom Street Fair?

September 26, 2021
Folsom Street Fair: September 26, 2021.

Where is Folsom Street Fair held?

What time is the Folsom Street Fair?

11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Subsequent fairs were called “Dancin’ in the Street” and “Hot 6 in the City” until the name Folsom Street Fair was permanently adopted in 1991.) The fair will be outdoors and still held at its regular 11 a.m.-6 p.m. hours, but masks and proof of vaccination will be required.

How do people dress in San Francisco in February?

With the cool San Francisco weather in February, you will want to pack clothing that you can layer. With the highs around 60° F/16° C, you will need a light jacket, light sweater or shirt, and thin pants during the day. At night, you will want to wear something a little warmer.

What is Northern California like in February?

During February in Northern and Coastal California, expect temperatures between 50°F and 70°F degrees except in Lake Tahoe, where daytime temperatures are much colder. While Lake Tahoe is the coldest city, San Diego will be the warmest and sunniest.

When and where is the Folsom Street Fair?

Folsom Street is its original home, but it has expanded to a large portion of SOMA, including Eighth and 13th streets. It takes place on the last weekend of September, at the end of Leather Pride Week.