Where is Louis Hebert buried?

Notre-Dame-des-Anges, CanadaLouis Hébert / Place of burialNotre-Dame-des-Anges is a parish municipality in Quebec, Canada, home of the General Hospital of Quebec.
Enclaved within the territory of Quebec City, this unusual municipality had a population of 241 and measures only 6 hectares in area, making it the smallest incorporated municipal entity in Canada. Wikipedia

What did Marie Rollet do?

Marie Rollet, first Frenchwoman to settle in New France (born circa 1580 in Paris, France; died in May 1649 and buried 27 May 1649 in Quebec City, New France). She is recognized as the first female French farmer in New France, alongside her husband Louis Hébert.

Was Louis Hebert married?

Marie RolletLouis Hébert / Spouse (m. 1601–1627)Marie Rollet was a French woman and early settler in Quebec. Her second husband, Louis Hébert, was apothecary to Samuel Champlain’s expeditions to Acadia and Quebec on 1606 and 1610–13. Wikipedia

Why is Louis Hebert famous?

Louis Hébert (c. 1575 – 25 January 1627) is widely considered the first European apothecary in the region that would later become Canada, as well as the first European to farm in said region. He was born around 1575 at 129 de la rue Saint-Honoré in Paris to Nicolas Hébert and Jacqueline Pajot.

When was Louis Hébert born?

1575Louis Hébert / Date of birth

Louis Hébert, apothecary, colonist (born circa 1575 in Paris; died in January 1627 in Québec).

What did Étienne Brûlé do?

Brûlé is believed to have lived for a year (1610–11) among the Algonquin Indians in order to learn their language. Subsequently, he pioneered the role of interpreter between the French and various tribes, including the Hurons.

What was Louis Hebert?

Louis Hébert, apothecary, colonist (born circa 1575 in Paris; died in January 1627 in Québec). Louis Hébert visited Canada three times between 1604 and 1613 with the expeditions of Pierre Degua de Monts, Samuel de Champlain, and Jean de Biencourt de Pourtrincourt.

How did Louis Hebert end up in Canada?

In 1617 he decided to settle in Québec City with his wife and three children. He was ceded 10 arpents of land near the site of the present cathedral of Québec, and his family is renowned for having been the first to cultivate land in Canada.

Did Louis Hebert have children?

Guillemette HébertLouis Hébert / Children

How did Louis Hébert end up in New France?

In March 1606 Hébert reached an agreement with the explorer Pierre Dugua de Monts to serve a year in New France. His appointment as an apothecary brought him 100 livres, of which 50 were in cash.

Was Étienne Brûlé married?

In 1626 or 1627, he married Alizon Coiffier. Brûlé owned a home in Champigny-sur-Marne and another in Paris, on Rue de Grenelle in the parish of Saint-Eustache.

Who betrayed Samuel de Champlain?

In 1629, Brûlé betrayed the colony of New France. David Kirke and his brothers, English merchants of Huguenot extraction, paid 100 pistoles to Brûlé and three of his companions to pilot their ships up the St.