Where is Dhanraj Pillay now?

Pillay is currently involved in trying to start a hockey academy in Mumbai.

Who was Dhanraj?

Dhanraj was also the highest goal scorer in the Bangkok Asian Games and was the only Indian player to figure in the World Eleven side during the 1994 World Cup held in Sydney. Dhanraj Pillay has also played hockey for a number of foreign clubs.

Why was Dhanraj called Toofan?

Earned nickname ‘Toofan’ in hockey community As a mature player, Dhanraj was noted for his shrewd attacking sensibilities, playing as a striker and particularly as a pacy forward, earning him the nickname Toofan in the hockey community.

What is the achievement of Dhanraj Pillay?

Arjuna Award for Hockey
Padma Shri
Dhanraj Pillay/Awards

What is the age of Dhanraj Pillay?

53 years (July 16, 1968)Dhanraj Pillay / Age

Where did Dhanraj do his schooling from was he a brilliant student and why?

Answer: In early 80s,India hockey wizard Dhanraj Pillay was a student of the S V S high school. Though the school had a very small ground,Dhanraj did not mind honing his skills on the school ground,said Sridharan Thamba,his classmate. “The school provided the perfect launching pad for Dhanraj.

How did Dhanraj get his first break?

Once, the club fell short of one playing member and an urgent letter was sent to Dhanraj to join in. Although, he the match as a substitute player, he easily got noticed by the coaches and got his first big break, when Joaquim Carvalho requested him to join Mahindra & Mahindra.

Who was the first Indian to qualify for Olympics?

Sajan Prakash became the first Indian to directly qualify for the Olympics when he achieved the elusive ‘A’ cut in the 200m butterfly event.

How did Dhanraj get his first chance to play in the Mumbai match?

Owing to his super fast speed (he is said to cover 100m of distance in just 11.6 seconds), he became famous as Toofan (Tornado) in the Hockey fraternity. Joquim Carvalho, the famous Hockey player and Coach noticed the talent of Dhanraj and invited him to join Mahindra & Mahindra team at Mumbai.

How many brothers Dhanraj Pillay have?

Dhanraj Pillay Height, Weight, Age, Family, Biography, Facts & More

Full Name Dhanraj Pillay
Children None
Parents Father- Nagalingam Pillay Mother- Andalamma
Siblings Brother- Ramesh Pillay and 3 more Sister- Not Known

How did Dhanraj got his first chance to play in the Mumbai match?

Who is the India’s first woman?

The position of First Lady of India is currently held by Savita Kovind, wife of President Ram Nath Kovind.

Who is Dhanraj Pillay?

Dhanraj Pillay was born in a poor family, and he spent his childhood in the Ordnance Factory Staff Colony where his father was a groundsman. As a child, he used to play Hockey on the muddy surface with broken sticks and discarded hockey balls.

How many goals did Dhanraj Pillay score in his career?

Pillay was also the only Indian player to be included in the World Eleven Team at Sydney World Cup (1994). In his career spanning from 1989-2004, he played 339 matches and scored around 170 goals. Dhanraj Pillay played his last match in the 2004 Athens Olympics. His biography called “Forgive Me Amma” came out in 2007.

Who is Dhanraj Thakre?

He also looks after the Air India Sports Promotion Board as a Joint Secretary based in Mumbai. For the last 5 years, Dhanraj is overseeing the SAG Hockey Academy in Gujarat funded by the Gujarat Government.

How did Dhanraj Singh become a professional hockey player?

He went to Mumbai in his youth and with the guidance of his brother Ramesh, Dhanraj turned into a good striker and was introduced to the professional Hockey. Dhanraj played in the Junior National Hockey Tournament held in Manipur at the age of 17 years and further played the Sanjay Gandhi Tournament (1987) held in Delhi.