Where is Cotton On clothing manufactured?

Cotton On Group sources its materials and products from a number of locations worldwide with the majority of its suppliers being located in China, Bangladesh, India and Australia.

What company owns Cotton On?

Nigel Austin is the founder and majority owner of the Cotton On clothing and stationery group. Its brands include Cotton On, Supre, Factorie and Typo. His company has grown rapidly in the past few years, expanding to 1,450 stores in 18 countries and estimated sales of $1.5 billion in 2017.

Who is the CEO of Cotton On?

Peter Johnson (2004–)Cotton On Group / CEO

Where is Cotton On headquarters?

Geelong, AustraliaCotton On Group / Headquarters

Is Cotton On in Canada?

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Where does Cotton On import from?

Top trading partners (import of “Cotton”) of Australia in 2020:

  1. China with a share of 39% (27 million US$)
  2. India with a share of 13.8% (9.58 million US$)
  3. Pakistan with a share of 11.9% (8.24 million US$)
  4. Korea with a share of 9.49% (6.56 million US$)
  5. Italy with a share of 3.69% (2.55 million US$)

Is Cotton On clothing made in Australia?

Founded in 1984 by Hans and Helen van der Meulen. Operates across Australia and New Zealand. Clothes are designed in Australia and made locally and offshore.

Does cotton on ship to India?

One of Australia’s largest fashion retailers, Cotton On Group, is launching in India, with a first flagship store scheduled to open in the second half of next year.

Is cotton on a good store?

Overview. Cotton:On has a consumer rating of 2.5 stars from 28 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

Where is cotton exported?

Top 10 Export Markets for U.S. Cotton

Top 10 Export Markets for U.S. Cotton (values in million USD)
Country 2015 % Change 2018-2019
China 859 -23%
Turkey 463 -5%
Pakistan 124 1%

Who buys cotton from Australia?

The major buyers of Australian cotton are currently China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Thailand (source: Australian Cotton Shippers Association).