Where does the PO enter the sea?

Adriatic Sea
Po River, Latin Padus, longest river in Italy, rising in the Monte Viso group of the Cottian Alps on Italy’s western frontier and emptying into the Adriatic Sea in the east after a course of 405 miles (652 km).

Where is the Po Valley in Italy?

PO VALLEY | ITALY The plain is the surface of an in-filled system of ancient canyons (the “Apennine Foredeep”) extending from the Apennines in the south to the Alps in the north, including the northern Adriatic.

What is Po Valley famous for?

The Po Valley is one of the most important industrial and agricultural areas in Europe. Hydroelectricity is produced by the flow of the Po. The river is extensively used for irrigation for the region’s agriculture.

Where does the river Po start?

Cottian AlpsPo / Source

What countries does river Po go through?

Po (river)

Country Italy
Po Basin Italy, Switzerland, France
Cities Turin, Cremona, Piacenza, Ferrara
Physical characteristics

What cities does the river Po run through?

The river flows through many important Italian cities, including Turin, Piacenza, Cremona and Ferrara….Po (river)

Cities Turin, Cremona, Piacenza, Ferrara
Physical characteristics
Source Monte Viso
• location Near Crissolo, Piedmont, Italy

What cities are in the Po Valley?

The Po Valley witnessed a blooming urban culture during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Its cities include Bologna, Turin, Milan, Mantua, Pavia, Cremona and Parma. These were city-states where science, architecture, art and music once thrived.

Where is the Po Valley and why is it important?

THE PO RIVER VALLEY is the largest and most important economic region in ITALY. It is the center of most Italian industry as well as Italy’s agricultural heartland.

What cities does the river Po flow through?