Where did it flood in Wales?

Flash flooding in the outback city of Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, on 15 March 2022 has prompted flood rescues and caused one fatality.

What made the 2021 New South Wales flood so severe?

The influx of moisture from a high-pressure system in the Tasman Sea and a low-pressure system in the Timor Sea led to very high daily rainfall totals on several days during the event across south-east Australia. Daily totals exceeded 150 mm somewhere in New South Wales on each day from 18 to 24 March.

What caused the 1953 storm surge?

Waverley explained that the flooding was caused by a combination of factors. Strong northerly winds coming in off the Atlantic coincided with a relatively high tide, thereby forcing an unusually large quantity of water down the narrowing north-south axis of the North Sea to the bottleneck at the Straits of Dover.

When did the 2022 NSW floods start?

On 3 March, thousands of people in Camden, Chipping Norton, Georges Hall, Lansvale, Milperra, Moorebank, Warwick Farm, North Richmond, Windsor, and nearby suburbs were told to evacuate as the Hawkesbury River, Nepean River and Georges rivers began to rise after 100mm of rain fell over parts of Western Sydney overnight.

What caused the floods in NSW 2022?

An intense low-pressure system brought heavy rains to Australia’s east coast on March 30, forcing thousands to flee their homes for the second time within weeks. Torrential downpours hit the east coast again on April 7, with Sydney receiving nearly a month’s rain overnight.

How many died in 1953 floods?

The 1953 flood is the most recent large coastal flood in Europe. The storm surge hit The Netherlands, the east coast of England, Belgium and Germany. Over 2.100 people died, of which more than 1.800 in The Netherlands.

How many people died in the North Sea flood in 1953?

307 people died
The scale of the flooding was unprecedented. In England there were 1,200 breaches of sea defenses, 140,000 acres of land were flooded, 32,000 people were evacuated, 24,000 properties were damaged, 46,000 livestock were killed, and 307 people died.