Where can you catch tiger fish?

You can’t catch Tigerfish just anywhere in South Africa. The only place you’ll find them is in the east of the country, near the border with Mozambique and Eswatini. They live in two rivers, the Pongola and the Komati, and the Pongola offers by far the best action.

What fish are in the Zambezi River?

Tigerfish are probably the world’s most infamous freshwater fish, revered for their power and fierce set of teeth. Some of the Zambezi River’s other noteworthy game fish include Yellow-belly Bream (Nembwe) and Vundu, a local species of catfish that grows up to 45 kg (100 lbs).

Where can you fish for tiger fish in South Africa?

Lake Jozini
Lake Jozini near Pongola in northern KwaZulu-Natal is the only waters in South Africa which is home to the ferocious fighting tiger fish.

Where is the best tiger fishing in the world?

To experience Tigerfishing at its best, head to the mighty Zambezi in the Southern African countries of Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The Upper and Lower Zambezi regions in Zambia are a hot favourite, hosting a huge abundance of Tigerfish which makes for some of the most rewarding fishing.

How do you catch big tiger fish?

As a general rule, small baits will catch alot of small fish, use bigger juicy baits for the bigger tiger fish. Chumming the water for Tiger fish as you drift can also bring fish onto your drifting line, or chum while you are at anchor. Small tiger fish tear bait off the hook quickly. Use cotton to tie your baits on.

What animals live in the Zambezi River?

Elephants are common over much of the river’s course, particularly in areas such as the Sesheke Plain and near the Luangwa confluence. Game animals include buffalo, eland, sable, roan, kudu, waterbuck, impala, duiker, bushbuck, reedbuck, bushpig, and warthog.

How many species of fish are there in the Zambezi River?

75 fish species
The Zambezi River has over 75 fish species but the most sought-after of these is the Tiger Fish. You can also find African Pike, Barbel, Upper Zambezi Yellow fish, Bream or Tilapia while on your fishing trip.

What is the best bait for tiger fish?

The Tiger go for Bait on a static line, and remarkably find pilchards quite tasty. The take on static dead bait is gentle and often mistaken for a weed or grass. Allow the fish to take the bait BEFORE striking.

What is the best time to catch tiger fish?

While it’s true that Tiger fish can be caught throughout the year, I’ve found that late May through September have the best conditions. The water is clear and starts to warm up just after winter.

What lures for tiger fish?

Stick baits, crank baits, jigs, spinners and spoons all work well for tiger fish in different conditions and at different times of the year. Your tiger fishing tackle box should contain rapalas, crank baits and plenty of spoons and spinners. The best sizes for Tiger fish are 1-4 inch lures.

Where can I fish in Botswana?

Fishing in Botswana

  • Fishing on Botswana’s Chobe River combines excellent angling with world-class game viewing.
  • Monsters thrive in the deep waters of the Okavango Delta’s Panhandle!
  • You can fish within sight of your lodge in the Linyanti wetlands.