Where can I watch The Nanny and the Professor?

Watch Nanny and the Professor Season 1 | Prime Video.

Was there a TV show called Nanny and the Professor?

Nanny and the Professor is an early 1970s American sitcom created by AJ Carothers and Thomas L. Miller for 20th Century-Fox Television that aired on ABC from January 21, 1970 until December 27, 1971.

Why was Nanny and the Professor Cancelled?

The now-77-year-old actress also believed that the network’s unwillingness to allow the characters to develop a more romantic relationship ultimately caused the series to end. “… People expected nanny and the professor to start having a little romance,” she explained.

Who was the nanny in Nanny and the Professor?

Juliet Mills (‘Nanny’ Phoebe Figalilly) Front and center on Nanny and the Professor is British-American actress Juliet Mills, who was born November 21, 1941 in London to a showbiz family.

What show has a character named Prudence?

Nanny and the Professor
Nanny and the Professor (TV Series 1970–1971) – Kim Richards as Prudence – IMDb.

Is Nanny and the Professor on DVD?

The series starred Juliet Mills as Nanny Phoebe Figalilly, Richard Long as Professor Harold Everett, and Elsa Lanchester as Aunt Henrietta….SKU.

Product Name Nanny and the Professor (1970-1971 TV series)(13 disc set) DVD-R
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Who is Juliet Mills husband?

Maxwell Caulfieldm. 1980
Michael Miklendam. 1975–1980Russell Alquistm. 1961–1964
Juliet Mills/Husband

What age is Juliet Mills?

80 years (November 21, 1941)Juliet Mills / Age

How many seasons are there of Nanny and the Professor?

3Nanny and the Professor / Number of seasons

Is Juliet Mills still married?

Now, having celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary last year, Juliet, 77, and Maxwell, 59, are treading the boards together again, touring the UK in an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 thriller The Lady Vanishes, which starred Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave.

How old is Juliet Mills now?

Is Juliet Mills married?

Juliet Mills/Spouse