Where can I watch the bunny game movie?

Prime Video.

  • Disney+
  • HBO Max.
  • Apple TV+
  • Paramount+
  • All Streaming Services.
  • Is The Bunny Game illegal?

    ‘The Bunny Game’ remains banned in the UK, however the US will get it uncut, all the details are here.

    Is the bunny game real?

    ‘[12] But The Bunny Game is not a literal mediation of actual events, it is merely based upon Getsic’s experiences, although the acts in and around the truck seem literal. Instead, then, it is drama and documentary in an unconventional hybrid.

    How long is the Bunny game?

    1h 16mThe Bunny Game / Running time

    Is the Bunny game black and white?

    Filming took place in October 2008 over 13 days. Shot in black and white, production costs totaled $13,000.

    What is the Bunny game rated?

    Not RatedThe Bunny Game / MPAA rating

    Who is Rodleen Getsic?

    Rodleen Getsic is an actress and producer, known for The Bunny Game (2011), The Exquisite …

    What is the plot of The Bunny Game?

    A hitchhiking prostitute looking for her next meal gets a ride from a trucker who leaves her praying for her next breath.The Bunny Game / Film synopsis

    Is The Bunny Game disturbing?

    The Bunny Game is listed at #37 in Complex magazine’s 50 Most Disturbing Films of All Time and was banned in the United Kingdom by the British Board of Film Classification due to its graphic scenes of sexual and physical abuse.

    Is Spit on Your Grave?

    I Spit on Your Grave (originally titled Day of the Woman) is a 1978 American rape and revenge horror film edited, written, and directed by Meir Zarchi….

    I Spit On Your Grave
    Written by Meir Zarchi
    Produced by Joseph Zbeda
    Starring Camille Keaton Eron Tabor Richard Pace Anthony Nichols
    Cinematography Yuri Haviv

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