Where can I listen to Round the Horne?

BBC Radio 4 Extra – Round the Horne – Available now.

How many episodes of Round the Horne were there?

Horne’s supporting cast comprised Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and, in the first three series, Bill Pertwee. The announcer was Douglas Smith, who also took part in the sketches….Round the Horne.

Genre Sketch comedy
No. of episodes 67

Who was in Round the Horne?

Round the Horne was a 1960s British radio comedy starring Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden, Bill Pertwee, and their announcer Douglas Smith.

Who wrote Round the Horne?

Key cast & crew credits

Barry Took Writer (Series 1-3)
Marty Feldman Writer (Series 1-3)
Johnnie Mortimer Writer (Series 4)
Brian Cooke Writer (Series 4)
Donald Webster Writer (Series 4)

Who was in take it from here?

Take It from Here (often referred to as TIFH, pronounced – and sometimes humorously spelt – “TIFE”) is a British radio comedy programme broadcast by the BBC between 1948 and 1960. It was written by Frank Muir and Denis Norden, and starred Jimmy Edwards, Dick Bentley and Joy Nichols.

Was Kenneth Horne married?

Marjorie Thomasm. 1945–1969
Joan Burgessm. 1936–1945Lady Mary Pelham-Clinton-Hopem. 1930–1933
Kenneth Horne/Spouse

Who wrote beyond our ken?

Eric Merriman Barry Took
Beyond Our Ken

Genre Sketch comedy
Written by Eric Merriman Barry Took (s 1–2)
Produced by Jacques Brown (s 1–5) John Simmonds(s 6–7) Charles Maxwell (s 1)
Original release 1 July 1958 – 16 February 1964
No. of series 7 (+ 2 Christmas specials)

Who played Ron ETH?

Ron Glum was played by Ian Lavender and Eth by Patricia Brake, while Jimmy Edwards reprised the role of Pa Glum. A Region 2 DVD of both the Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night shorts and the subsequent 1979 series was commercially released in 2011 in the UK.

Will take it from there meaning?

take it from there 1. To assume control of and continue the course of action begun by someone else. Thank you for all the work you’ve done on the case so far, Shane, I’ll take it from there on Monday.

Where did Kenneth Horne live?

Kenneth Horne was born Charles Kenneth Horne on 27 February 1907 at Ampthill Square, London. He was the seventh and youngest child of Silvester Horne and his wife, Katherine Maria née Cozens-Hardy.

Who sang Much Binding in the Marsh?

Richard Murdoch
Sam CostaKenneth HorneStanley BlackMuarice Denham
Much Binding in the Marsh/Artists

Which came first beyond our ken or Round the Horne?

Beyond Our Ken (1958–1964) is a radio comedy programme, the predecessor to Round the Horne (1965–1968).