Where can I find BESCOM subdivision?

Operating Instructions:

  1. Enter Mobile Number of the Consumer.
  2. future.
  3. Select the Sub-Division from the list.
  4. Enter the RR number in the ‘RR No’ field.
  5. Click Search Button to retrieve the details from the BESCOM department database.

How can I complain to BESCOM?

BESCOM number and contact details For any complaints or queries regarding bill payment, you can contact BESCOM customer care on the helpline number 1912 or send an SMS to 58888.

How do I find my BESCOM meter name?

Once the application file is submitted, it will take a month for your name to reflect on BESCOM website on your bill. If your name does not appear, please visit the office again and enquire. You may call BESCOM hotline 1912 for status too.

What zone is Bangalore?


Zone Circle Division
BMAZ (South) Bengaluru South HSR
Bengaluru West Rajajinagar
Rajarajeshwari nagar

What is the full form of RR number?

R.R. No. or ‘Revenue Register Number’ means the number assigned to the Consumer’s installation. Sample 1. Sample 2. R.R. No. or “REVENUE REGISTER NUMBER.” means the number assigned to the Consumer’s installation. Sample 1.

How can I register BESCOM complaint online?

Register BESCOM complaint Online – complaint portal

  1. Go to BESCOM website then Click on Customer Relations, Go to Customer Care Helpline and click on Online Complaint Registration.
  2. Go to top right search box with “Mobile no.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. An OTP will send on your mobile.
  5. Enter the OTP for successful validation.

How do I change the name on my electric meter?

How to Change the Name in the Electricity Bill

  1. Visit the nearby office of the electricity board and request an application form to change the name on the electricity bill (In some cases, you might have to pay for the form)
  2. Submit the application along with the documents to the authorities of the respective office.

How can I transfer my BESCOM electric meter to my name?

Write a letter on plain sheet to BESCOM requesting the transfer of ownership of electricity meter including consumer number, details of previous owner and your details. Enclose the documents and duly filled application withletter. Get your documents verified by an Assistant Engineer or Junior Engineer (JE).