Where are Old World ornaments made?

Spokane-based Old World Christmas is a company that sells more than 1,500 hand painted and glass blown ornaments. The company, founded in 1979, has managed to remain very successful and sells ornaments all over the U.S.

Are White House Christmas ornaments valuable?

History of the White House Christmas Ornaments Made out of high quality copper with a patina finish, the original 1981 and 1982 ornaments today are rare collectibles.

Do Christopher Radko ornaments increase in value?

The early years of Radko ornaments have risen in value and are difficult to find at a bargain, and people usually know what they have, but secondary markets through newsletters, dealer, or Internet auctions are the way to find the older ornaments.

How do you identify vintage ornaments?

The Look of a Vintage Ornament “Old ornaments are usually not as perfectly shiny,” says Stark. The shapes can be a telling factor, too. “If they are mouth blown, they aren’t always perfectly shaped,” she says. “They should also have a pontil mark (usually on the bottom) where the glass was broken off the blow pipe.”

How do you store Old World Christmas ornaments?

Store the ornaments in cardboard or fabric boxes that are strong enough to protect them from pressure, if you are stacking the boxes. Note that modern plastic balls, wreaths, lights and other items require less care and can easily be stored where most convenient.

Who owns Old World Christmas?

SPOKANE, WA – Gift industry executive Doug Lauer, formerly with Transpac Imports, and private equity partner Gladstone Investment Corp. have acquired Old World Christmas, a designer and distributor of traditional blown glass Christmas ornaments and other holiday decoratives.

What is the oldest White House ornament?

Angel in Flight
History of the White House Christmas Ornaments In 1981, the White House Historical Association released its first annual White House Christmas Ornament, “Angel in Flight,” which depicted a copper weather vane inspired by those atop many historic American buildings, such as Mount Vernon and Independence Hall.