When was the major ice storm in Toronto?

The Dec. 19, 2013 ice storm was a “remember where you were” event. The storm was a result of a low-pressure system that formed over Texas and made its way to Ontario.

When was the worst snow storm in Toronto?

On Dec. 11, 1944, Toronto was hit with the worst snowstorm in the city’s history. The city pretty much halted, causing all sorts of businesses to close for the day.

What was the biggest snowstorm in Toronto?

Toronto’s largest single-day snowfall, recorded at Pearson Airport, was 45.5 centimetres in February 1965. Ray Houle, a severe weather meteorologist for Environment Canada, called Monday’s storm a “significant” weather event. “The general consensus around here is that it was a pretty historic storm.

When was the big ice storm in Ontario?

The Ice Storm of 1998 hit the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Québec and portions of the northeastern United States from January 4 through January 10, 1998.

What year was the big snow storm in Ontario?

Environment Canada claims that the 1998 ice storm affected more Canadians than any other weather event in our known history.

What was the worst blizzard in Canada?

Eastern Canadian blizzard of March 1971
The Eastern Canadian blizzard of March 1971 was a severe winter storm that struck portions of eastern Canada from March 3 to March 5, 1971. The storm was also nicknamed the “Storm of the Century” in Quebec….Eastern Canadian blizzard of March 1971.

Snow accumulations from 3rd to 5th of March
Lowest pressure 966 mb (966 hPa; 28.5 inHg)

When was the worst snow storm in Ontario?

1967 snowstorm is still one of Canada’s worst and it happened in April

  • It reached – 60 °C during ‘Worst Storm in Canadian Railroad History’
  • September 28, 2019 – Early Fall And Alberta Was Already Buried.

When was the worst winter in Canada?

The record remains February 1979, when 94.7 per cent were covered in ice. Toronto: It was the city’s coldest winter in 20 years, and the most snowbound on record (days with at least one centimetre of snow on the ground). The previous record was 81 days; as of March 7, Toronto was at 89 days.