When should I be worried about my lower eye twitching?

Schedule an appointment with your doctor if: The twitching doesn’t go away within a few weeks. Your eyelid completely closes with each twitch or you have difficulty opening the eye. Twitching happens in other parts of your face or body as well.

How do I stop my bottom eyelid from twitching?

Avoiding caffeine: Tea, coffee, some sodas, and chocolate can all contain caffeine, which may trigger or worsen eyelid twitching. Try gradually reducing caffeine intake or eliminating caffeine. Getting enough sleep: Taking a nap may help to resolve eyelid twitching.

Why does my lower left eye keep twitching?

Causes of Eye Twitching Fatigue, stress, eye strain, and caffeine or alcohol consumption, seem to be the most common sources of eye twitching. Eye strain, or vision-related stress, can occur if you need glasses, a change in prescription, or are consistently working in front of a computer.

What causes a nerve twitch under the eye?

The exact cause of eye twitching is not known, but the condition can originate in the motor nerves of the brain. Dry eyes, stress, fatigue, eye strain, and certain medications can contribute to an episode. Eye twitching is temporary in most cases and goes away on its own.

Does dehydration cause eye twitching?

Dehydration can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes such as magnesium, potentially causing muscle spasms like eye twitch. Vitamin B12 and vitamin D also contribute to bone and muscle function, so a deficiency of either or both of these vitamins can cause movement symptoms including eyelid twitching.

Why does my right eye lid keep twitching?

The most common causes of eye twitches are stress and fatigue. Make sure you get enough exercise, at least seven to eight hours of sleep and stay hydrated. Once you relax, most cases of eyelid spasms pass — though if you’re super stressed this might take up to a few weeks.

What does eyelid twitching indicate?

A common cause of eyelid twitching is ocular myokymia. This is benign and does not lead to other problems. Ocular myokymia can be caused by being tired, having too much caffeine, or stress. One cause of persistent, frequent eye twitching is a condition called benign essential blepharospasm.