When did Toonami shut down?

September 20, 2008
On Saturday morning, September 20, 2008, at the Anime Weekend Atlanta convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Cartoon Network announced that they had canceled the Toonami block due to low ratings. Toonami then aired its final transmission that same evening.

Does Toonami have anime?

Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have licensed a number of animated series for broadcast on the Toonami programming blocks over the years….Anime.

Title Dragon Ball
Licensor upon airing Funimation
Master licensor Toei Animation
Air date August 20, 2001
Notes Aired reruns on Toonami Jetstream.

Who is the Toonami guy?

Steve Blum
Steve Blum is an American voice actor, well known for providing the voice of TOM from the Cartoon Network original block, Toonami.

What was the first anime on Toonami?

Sailor Moon
June 1 – July 24, 1998 Lineup On June 1st, Sailor Moon premiered on Toonami at 4:00 PM.

Is Toonami back in 2022?

Toonami Reveals New Line-Up For May 2022.

When did Toonami start airing anime?

Beginning on Cartoon Network on Monday, March 17, 1997, for two hours the channel was dedicated to action cartoons — Jonny Quest and Thundercats were on the first lineup, but so was giant-robot classic Voltron, and soon after, Robotech.

Will Toonami ever come back?

On 2019 Or 2020, Toonami will return on Cartoon Network with a new look. This will include kids & teens anime and old & new cartoons. Toonami will return to Cartoon Network (while still can be on Adult Swim) sometime in 2019 & 2020.

How many Toms are there in Toonami?

Overall, there’s only been three unique TOM units: TOM 1, 2 and 4. TOM 3, 3.5, and 5 are all upgrades of TOM 2. TOM 6 seems to be a mix between TOM 3 and 5. You Don’t Look Like You: This was the reaction that TOM 4 received from Toonami’s older fans.

What does the word Toonami mean in Japanese?

Tsunami is a Japanese word with the English translation, “harbor wave.” Represented by two characters, the top character, “tsu,” means harbor, while the bottom character, “nami,” means “wave.” In the past, tsunamis were sometimes referred to as “tidal waves” by the general public, and as “seismic sea waves” by the …

Is Toonami available in India?

The channel is currently available in several countries in Asia Pacific including India, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Toonami is a brand created and distributed by Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc., a Time Warner Company.