When did Lil Boosie come home?

March 5, 2014
In 2009, Hatch was sentenced to 4 years in prison on drug and gun charges. In 2010, he was indicted on first-degree murder charges, and was also sentenced to 10 years on multiple charges of drug possession with intent of distribution. After serving 5 years in prison, Hatch was released early on March 5, 2014.

Who gave Boosie money when he came home?

The rapper will repay the $10K Katt Williams gave him when he got out of prison. Tune in to see who else was there for the rapper, and why the hosts are applauding his actions. TALK ABOUT RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR…

Did Boosie get Deathrow?

He was facing the death penalty, nearly being subjected to lethal injection in a murder case but, after remaining loyal to his team and refusing to break, bend, or fold, the rapper was released from prison and found freedom.

How old is rapper Gucci Mane?

42 years (February 12, 1980)Gucci Mane / Age

When did Katt Williams come out of jail?

10/9/2018 3:40 PM PT. Katt Williams is a free man again — and it looks like it’ll stay that way for the short-term, ’cause he got a pass from prosecutors in Georgia TMZ has learned. Law enforcement in Multnomah County, Oregon tells us Katt was released from jail at around 2 PM PT.

How long has Lil Boosie had diabetes?

There are the daily measures Boosie takes to control his Type 1 diabetes — insulin, three times a day — a regularly scheduled routine since his diagnosis 13 years ago.

Who killed Bleek?

Kendrick Johnson, 23, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of Charles “Nokie” Matthews, 37, and Darryl “Bleek” Milton, 25, on April 1, 2010. Matthews and Milton, both of Baton Rouge, were fatally shot while sitting in a car.

How did Boosie get on death row?

The charges for drugs involved large amounts of codeine, ecstasy, and marijuana which he was smuggling into the prison having an intent to distribute, a prison guard, his girlfriend, and one of the fellow inmates have been charged with him and in addition to the charges which have already been mentioned, it is believed …