What was the song Bright Eyes written about?

The story of a group of rabbits that risk their lives to find a safe new home became an instant classic, and Bright Eyes was generally considered the theme of the film and the subsequent TV series.

Is the song Bright Eyes about death?

It is heard in the film in the scene where Fiver goes to look for his brother Hazel after he is shot. In the television series, this theme is heard in the opening, ending credits, and sung by Stephen Gately in the first 2 seasons. The song relates to the transition from life to death.

Who wrote Bright Eyes lyrics?

Mike BattBright Eyes / ComposerMichael Philip Batt, LVO is an English singer-songwriter, musician, arranger, record producer, director and conductor. He was formerly the Deputy Chairman of the British Phonographic Industry. Wikipedia

Did Watership Down write Bright Eyes?

“Bright Eyes” is a song written by British songwriter Mike Batt and performed by Art Garfunkel. It was written for the soundtrack of the 1978 British animated adventure drama film Watership Down.

Is Bright Eyes a funeral song?

This song can be used in the funerals of a family member who died because of an illness or a disease especially those long-term sicknesses.

What is saddest Bright Eyes song?

Bright Eyes’ 10 Most Devastating Songs

  • 1. ‘ Calais to Dover’ Bright Eyes – Topic.
  • 2. ‘ To Death’s Heart (In Three Parts)’ Bright Eyes – Topic.
  • 4. ‘ Hit The Switch’ TheThemeToPinata.
  • 6. ‘ Lua’ gurkmannen37.
  • 8. ‘ If Winter Ends’ klkool1.
  • 9. ‘ Contrast and Compare’ klkool1.
  • 10. ‘ Saturday as Usual’ OfficialAdamCooper.

When did the song Bright Eyes come out?

1979Bright Eyes / Released

Who sang Bright Eyes Watership Down?

Art GarfunkelBright Eyes – WATERSHIP DOWN / Artist

Who wrote and sang Bright Eyes?

Mike BattBright Eyes / Composer