What was the MSRP of 2012 Honda Civic?

2012 Honda Civic Prices and EPA Data

Model Transmission MSRP*
Civic LX Sedan 5-Speed Manual $18,005
5-Speed Automatic $18,805
Civic HF Sedan 5-Speed Automatic $19,605
Civic EX Sedan 5-Speed Automatic $20,655

What does EXL mean on Honda Civic?

Honda Civic EX, EX-L, and Touring Trims Boasting a 174-hp In-Line 4-Cylinder engine and the Eco Assist™ System, the EX is all about fuel efficiency and performance, while the EX-L includes an 8-way power driver’s seat and leather trim.

What is the difference between Honda Civic EX L and LX?

The LX and EX have an automatic transmission and standard front-wheel drive. The 2021 Honda Civic LX comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that offers 158 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 2021 Honda Civic EX comes with a turbo engine with a 1.5L displacement, which generates 174 horsepower.

What does L stand for in Civic?

The “L” designation stands for “LOW” mode, which provides a more fuel-efficient driving experience by providing increased torque at low engine speeds. By understanding the S and L gear designations on your Honda Civic, you can select the mode that provides the best driving experience for your needs.

What does the L mean in EXL?

EX-L is a higher trim level than the former. Features. It has standard features for comfort, safety, and entertainment. It adds to the features that EX offers.

What does S and L mean in Honda Civic?

Drive (S): Used for better acceleration, increased engine braking, or driving in hilly terrain. Low (L): Used for stronger engine power and braking when driving in hilly terrain. S is intended for how you are using it, so it’s fine to use.

What is sport mode Honda Civic?

Sport Mode offers drivers the most athletic and comfortable ride. Here are some of the ways sport mode improves performance. Improved Drive Ratios: It is a lot easier to shift gears in this mode, as your transmission will be more efficient, giving you a smoother ride.