What was the main problem with fiber cement board siding?

Cutting fiber cement siding generates respirable crystalline silica, a known human carcinogen. Inhaling too much silica can lead to silicosis, lung cancer, and COPD.

What are the disadvantages of fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement board has all the benefits of other sidings with few disadvantages. Installation of fiber cement board siding is costly. Labor costs are higher because fiber cement requires more manpower to deliver and install. Cost can be two to three times higher than aluminum or vinyl siding.

What is the minimum thickness of fiber cement panel siding?

R703. 3 Nominal Thickness and Attachments

Fiber cement siding Panel siding (see Section R703.10.1) 5/16
Lap siding (see Section R703.10.2) 5/16
Hardboard panel siding (see Section R703.5) 7/16
Hardboard lap siding (see Section R703.5) 7/16

Is fiber cement siding the same as Hardie board?

The James Hardie brand produces high-quality fiber cement siding products, often called Hardie Board or HardiePlank. These terms are often interchanged with fiber cement. However, these brand name James Hardie products typically cost more than lower grade siding.

How long does fiber cement siding last?

50 years
With regular TLC, your fiber cement siding can last 50 years or more—now that’s what I call long-lasting!

How often should fiber cement siding be painted?

every 10 years
However, to keep your fiber cement siding looking and working its best, it’s essential to repaint it every 10 years or so and performing basic repairs to cracks or splits in the fiber cement and caulking regularly.

How long does fiber cement last?

Fiber Cement Must Be Repainted While a paint job on fiber cement siding lasts longer than wood—usually anywhere between five to fifteen years—it will eventually need to be redone.

Is fiber cement waterproof?

The HardiePlank siding is made with a human-made mix of strong materials and wood fiber for years of worry-free, maintenance-free service. Fiber cement siding is waterproof, fire-resistant, and insectproof.

Can you put Hardie board over wood siding?

Does Existing Wood Siding Need to Be in Decent Condition to Cover With Hardie Board? Absolutely. It is very important that, in addition to being flush and flat, wood siding needs to be in decent condition to be covered with Hardie board.

What is better than fiber cement siding?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, vinyl siding is the most popular home exterior material in America. It was installed on 36% of new homes in 2010. Unlike fiber cement siding, it is not nailed directly to the side of your home. This allows it to expand and contract.

How long does fiber cement board siding last?

Siding Materials and Their Lifespan Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, offers high durability and can last as long as 50 years. Both siding materials require minimal maintenance, but fiber cement can often be repainted after a few years to enhance curb appeal.

How often do you have to paint fiber cement siding?