What was Shauna MacDonald in?

She is also known for her roles as Carole Robertson in the film Filth (2013), Agnes Muncie in the television series In Plain Sight (2016), a pilot in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), and as psychiatrist Dr. Wallace in the critically acclaimed miniseries The Cry (2018).

How old is Shauna MacDonald?

41 years (April 26, 1981)Shauna Macdonald / Age

Who is Erica in Trailer Park Boys?

Shauna MacDonald
The part of Erica Miller was played by Shauna MacDonald.

Who plays Karen in Trailer Park Boys?

Karen LeBlanc
Trailer Park Boys (TV Series 2001–2018) – Karen LeBlanc as Candy – IMDb.

Is Flora MacDonald in Outlander?

Shauna Macdonald plays Flora in Outlander Make sure you look out for the Scottish actress. There is a Canadian actress with the same name. Shauna Macdonald is known best for one particular horror movie. She played Sarah Carter in The Descent, and she reprised that role in the sequel.

Who played the female cop on Trailer Park Boys?

Shauna MacDonald (born October 6, 1970) is a Canadian television and film actress and radio announcer, best known for her roles in Trailer Park Boys, Undercover Brother and the Saw franchise as well as her work for CBC Radio One. She played Tara Abbott in Saw VI and Saw 3D.

Who plays Heather in Trailer Park Boys?

Chloe Forrest
Trailer Park Boys (TV Series 2001–2018) – Chloe Forrest as Heather – IMDb.

What is Julian’s last name?

Julian “Jules” is a fictional character in the television series Trailer Park Boys….Julian (Trailer Park Boys)

First appearance Trailer Park Boys (1999)
Created by Mike Clattenburg
Portrayed by John Paul Tremblay
Voiced by John Paul Tremblay (The Animated Series)

Which Scottish clans supported the Jacobites?

On the Jacobite side, Scottish Episcopalians provided over half of their forces in Britain, and although Dundee’s rising in 1689 came mostly from the western Highlands, in later risings Episcopalians came roughly equally from the north-east Scottish Lowlands north of the River Tay and from the Highland clans In the ’45 …

Who is Mcdonald in Outlander?

Donald MacDonald was a half-pay British soldier whom Jamie and Claire Fraser met at Jocasta Cameron Innes’s wedding. He initially provided Jamie with information about Stephen Bonnet’s whereabouts, in exchange for a letter of introduction to Governor Tryon.