What TV series is filmed in Byron Bay?

Byron Baes first made a splash when Netflix announced it was casting for a reality series to be set in Byron Bay early last year. The show was described as a “docu-soap following a feed of hot Instagrammers living their best lives, being their best selves, creating the best drama content, #nofilter guaranteed”.

Is Byron Bay pretentious?

The scenery and setting of Byron Bay is great, but the masses of pretentious ‘beautiful people’ during peak season seemed to ruin what could be a nice country town on the beach.

Does Byron Bay have hippies?

Join a drum circle. Byron Bay is Australia’s most hippie town, and you can have a taste of that lifestyle popping by the little car park next to the main beach (in front of Fishheads).

What’s so special about Byron Bay?

With its stunning natural attractions and eclectic community, Byron Bay on the North Coast of NSW is one of the world’s most famous coastal towns. You’ll be captivated by gorgeous beaches, breathtaking hinterland rainforest, spectacular coastal trails, amazing marine life and a buzzing food scene.

What movies were filmed in Byron?

Actor Zac Efron attends the 76th Golden Globes ceremony. “At one point there was ‘Nine Perfect Strangers,’ ‘Eden’ and ‘Bosch & Rockit’ filming in Byron Bay,” Gammon said. “There was probably more film production happening in Byron Bay than anywhere else in the world, in the middle of a pandemic.”

Where is Eden TV series filmed?

Welcome to Eden was primarily filmed in the production’s native Spain, in and around Puerto del Carmen, Barcelona, San Sebastián, and Teruel. Principle photography for the series began in February 2021 and wrapped in May of the same year, allowing a year for post-production and reshoots.

Why do people live in Byron Bay?

Byron Bay offers a perfect balance between beach and city life. Also, due to the educational quality of Australia and the major tourism of the town, Byron Bay is a great place for international students looking for job opportunities.

Is Byron Bay worth?

The town, which is a solid 770km road-trip from Sydney, is well-loved by locals. You won’t feel any congestion in this tranquil wonderland with sprawling beaches and a laid-back surfer-town vibe. Having spent a week in Byron Bay, I have to say all other beaches don’t seem to cut it for me anymore.

What are Byron Bay people called?

Arakwal People
It wasn’t always known as Byron Bay The Arakwal People of the Bundjalung Nation are thought to have occupied Cape Byron for some 20,000 years.