What Transformers make up Devastator?

Devastator is made up of:

  • Scavenger (torso)
  • Hightower (left arm)
  • Long Haul (right leg)
  • Mixmaster (head)
  • Skipjack (left leg, or left foot if the yellow dump truck is included)
  • Scrapper (right arm)

How many Transformers does it take to make Devastator?

six Transformers
Normally he is composed of the six Transformers… However, in at least one reality, he goes from being a six-robot combiner to a five-bot one, Hook and Mixmaster being replaced by Hightower. Prepare for extermination!!! Devastator, The Transformers: The Movie.

What is Devastator made of?

Devastator is made of: 1 Mixmaster – MACK Cement Mixer: Head and Neck. 2 Scavenger – O&K Terex RH400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator: Torso. 3 Scrapper – Caterpillar 992G Front Loader: Right Arm.

Who made Devastator?

Created by Shockwave using the stolen Creation Matrix, the Constructicons combined to form Devastator to repel the Autobots while Soundwave attempted to contact Cybertron for the first time in four million years.

Who created Devastator?

Devastator (comics)

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance I: The Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #186 (April 1975) II: Rom #44 (July 1983)
Created by I: Len Wein and Herb Trimpe II: Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema

Who killed Devastator?

agent Seymour Simmons
Shortly after, he immediately begins to climb a pyramid that the Sun Harvester is underneath. Once at the top, Devastator proceeds to unearth the Sun Harvester from the pyramid built around it before being destroyed by an US Navy experimental rail gun called in by former Sector 7 agent Seymour Simmons.

How strong is Devastator?

Superhuman Speed: Devastator is as fast as Superman. Superhuman Strength: Bruce in his Devastator form is powerful enough to trade blows with, injure and draw blood from a Kryptonian and a Czarnian with ease. He was able to throw a 250 lbs.

What kind of tank is Devastator in Transformers?

M1 Abrams Battle Tank
Brawl (credited as “Devastator” on film) – Modified M1 Abrams Battle Tank, his original mode comes from Generation 1. He is heavily-armed, having 8 missile launchers (four on each shoulder), a quad-mounted 37mm cannon on his right forearm, and a small dual blade (“Ripper Blade”) and Gatling gun on his left forearm.

When did Transformers Devastator come out?

Devastator was one of the many Transformers sculpted as Decoys that were included with carded Transformers in 1987. Devastator also became an Action Master, shrinking down to the same 4″ size as every other Transformer.

Who created Devastator Transformers?

Generation 1 cartoon continuity The first combiner, Devastator was created after his component Constructicons were brainwashed into the loyal servant of their own creation, Megatron using the Robosmasher.