What time of year is cyclone season in Fiji?

Key Messages. In total, four to six named tropical cyclones (TCs) are expected between November 2021 to April 2022. On average, around seven TCs affect the RSMC Nadi-TCC AoR per season. Thus, this season is predicted to have an average to below average number of TCs.

How often does Fiji have Cyclones?

Tropical Cyclones affect nearly all Pacific Islands countries and are the most frequent hazard to affect Fiji with around 2 – 3 cyclones occurring every year.

Is it safe to visit Fiji?

Crime. The level of serious crime is generally low, but petty theft is fairly common. Be particularly careful with personal possessions and travel documents in cities and other popular tourist destinations. Use a hotel safe where possible and avoid carrying everything in one bag.

Does Fiji have a hurricane season?

Cyclone season runs from November to April in Fiji. Here are our top tips to stay safe and be prepared during the wet season in Fiji. Cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons to those in the northern hemisphere) are unpredictable by their nature, and it pays to be prepared.

Does Fiji have tsunamis?

Eleven tsunamis have been recorded in Fiji, of which three were generated within Fiji waters. The most damaging tsunami in Fiji was in 1953.

When was the last cyclone in Fiji?

Description of the disaster Tropical Cyclone (TC) Yasa made landfall on 17 December 2020 as a Category 5 cyclone, causing extensive damage across Vanua Levu, with estimates of 97,000 people affected. It was the most destructive cyclone since TC Winston in 2016.

Do tsunamis happen in Fiji?

Eleven tsunamis have been recorded in Fiji. of which three were generated within Fiji waters. The most damaging tsunami in Fiji was in 1953.

Is June a good time to go to Fiji?

The months of May-June and September-October offer the best weather in Fiji while avoiding the peak rush of July-August. These months are a great time to catch good deals on hotels as well as for sightseeing and water sports. The best time to visit Fiji is from May to October.

Are there any natural disasters in Fiji?

Tropical cyclones The tropical cyclone season in Fiji normally runs from November to April, but cyclones can occur throughout the year. During this period there is a greater risk of strong winds, heavy rains, flooding, landslides and road closures.