What technology did the Safavid Empire have?

After this battle, the Safavids created artillery and other firearms to help in battle. This was in their best interest because of how effective it was in the Battle of Chaldiran. These new weapons in which they created involved portable rifles to heavy cannon.

What did the Safavids practice?

Soon after the Safavids rose to power, they established Twelver Shiism (the largest branch of Shi’a Islam), as the official religion of their dynasty. This distinguished the Safavids from their neighboring and rival empires—the Ottomans (to their west in Turkey), and the Mughals (to their east in India).

What did the Safavids rely on?

Emergence of a rivalry: 16th century Both the Safavids and Ottomans relied on ties to Islam to help justify their individual rules. However, Islamic law prevents war of Muslims against each other, unless a religious need arises to enforce a sacred law or to check transgressions against it.

What did the Safavids do that was important?

It is often considered the beginning of modern Iranian history, as well as one of the gunpowder empires. The Safavid Shahs established the Twelver school of Shia Islam as the official religion of the empire, marking one of the most important turning points in Muslim history.

What were the technological innovations of the Ottomans?

Ottomans invented currently used surgical instruments such as forceps, scalpels, and catheters. The capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans caused many scholars to flee to Italy and bring with them knowledge that helped spark the Renaissance.

What weapons did the Safavid Empire use?

After Abbas the Great reformed the army (around 1598), the Safavid forces had an artillery corps of 500 cannons as well as 12,000 musketeers. The Safavids first put their gunpowder arms to good use against the Uzbeks, who had invaded eastern Persia during the civil war that followed the death of Ismail I.

What methods did the Safavid Empire utilize to expand their empire?

They used tax farming which basically let people buy land but consolidating them with the government. It was a tax collecting system where lords collected tribute for the emperor.

What made the Safavid Empire successful?

Strengths. The Safavid Empire, although driven and inspired by strong religious faith, rapidly built the foundations of strong central secular government and administration. The Safavids benefited from their geographical position at the centre of the trade routes of the ancient world.

What was unique about the Safavid Empire?

The early Safavid empire was effectively a theocracy. Religious and political power were completely intertwined, and encapsulated in the person of the Shah. The people of the Empire soon embraced the new faith with enthusiasm, celebrating Shi’ite festivals with great piety.

Was the Ottoman Empire technologically advanced?

During its 600-year existence, the Ottoman Empire made significant advances in science and technology, in a wide range of fields including mathematics, astronomy and medicine.

What was the education like in the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire had traditional Islamic-style schooling. The primary schools were mekteps and secondary schools were medreses. Many such schools were within mosques; accordingly the operators of the mosques served as the headmasters of the mekteps.

Did the Safavid Empire use cannons?