What support GEMS work with Cyclone?

Gem setup. Main link: Our main and the only DPS link is Cyclone. The best supports for it will be – Brutality/Awakened Brutality + Infused Channeling + Impale + Fortify + Melee Physical damage/Awakened Melee Physical damage.

How do you use a Cyclone in Path of Exile?

Cyclone is a channeling melee attack skill that rapidly hits all enemies in a circular area around the player. Cyclone gains stages during channeling that increase its base radius. The player can move while channeling Cyclone. Cyclone can be used with any melee weapon, or while unarmed.

How does Vaal Cyclone work?

Vaal Cyclone is a vaal melee attack, for a duration spinning in place while pulling all nearby enemies towards the player and attacking them.

Does weapon range affect Cyclone?

So Cyclone is not using weapon range anymore meaning crafted range and + weapon range on tree doesn’t affect it. That’s a pretty impactful nerf I’d say. It is an ok thing for previously short range weapons though. The weapons that lose the most are the foils as they already had 11 and losing their crafts/nodes.

What do you link a cyclone with?


  • Cyclone is your signature skill, which should ideally be used in a 6-Link.
  • Your ideal buff setup looks like this: Pride, Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone and Dread Banner in addition to.
  • Cyclone is a melee attack that can be used with both Two-Handed and One-Handed melee weapons.
  • Since 3.15, we no longer use.

Can cyclone be used with a wand?

As always: You can’t have any weapon equipped in an active weapon slot that violates the requirements. So don’t e.g. have a wand equipped. Also make sure you’re not looking at the Vaal Cyclone skill, if your gem is a vaal cyclone. You’d need to collect souls (e.g. by killing) to use it.

How Blade Flurry works Poe?

Blade Flurry is a channeling melee attack. While channeling, Blade Flurry repeatedly attacks a random enemy in front of the player, also damaging enemies nearby the original target. When released, it will unleash an extra number of attacks equal to the stage reached.

Is cyclone a channeling skill?

Now Cyclone is a Channel skill support gems will obviously be a bit different. Being able to use Blade Vortex without having to manually trigger it constantly to keep up your 10 vortexs would be pretty useful.

Is fortify a buff Poe?

Fortify is a buff that grants the player 20% less damage taken from hits for 4 seconds. This does not apply to damage over time, since it does not hit.

What is Max fortification Poe?

Fortification is a stackable buff that grants the player 1% less damage taken from hits. By default, it has a maximum of 20 stacks and lasts 5 seconds.

How does Wandslinger work Poe?

Wandslinger is a notable passive skill that grants increased damage while wielding a wand. It also grants increased attack speed with wands and causes increases and reductions to spell damage to apply to attacks while wielding a wand.

How to get into path of exile?

Download the latest filter from the “releases” section.

  • Extract the files using WinRar/7zip or a similar tool.
  • Paste the .filter files (or just the folder content,if you want to use a specific style,paste the files from one of the (STYLE) folders instead) into the following
  • How does magic find work in path of exile?

    Usually, you find one or the other. The most GG items are when the two are combined on an item. You have amazing stats AND MF. For where you are right now, MF is only IIR, which dictates the chances of the quality of the item you find. High MF = you find more blues,yellow, and browns (Uniques)

    How to get all path of exile gems?

    – Vendors in Acts 1-4 towns sell leveled skill gems. – Siosa in Act 3 sells all unleveled skill gems that can be received as quest rewards for quests you’ve completed, across all classes. – Lilly Roth in Act 6, 10 and Epilogue sells all unleveled skill gems after completing the Act 6 quest Fallen from Grace.

    How to value items in path of exile?

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