What subjects scale up the most in VCE?

What subject(s) scaled up the most in 2020? Unsurprisingly, Latin was the subject that scaled up the most in 2020, as it tends to do in most years. If you scored a 35 in Latin in 2020, that would have turned into a 50 study score after scaling. A 30 in Latin would have gotten you 47 points added to your aggregate.

What is the most popular VCE subject?

What are the most popular subjects in VCE?

  • English (39,423)
  • Further Maths (28,520)
  • Psychology (16,854)
  • Maths Methods (15,697)
  • Health and Human Development (12,573)
  • Business Management (12,366)
  • Biology (12,216)
  • Chemistry (9,848)

Which subjects scale the best in Atar?

Physics and Chemistry are the highest scaling sciences and scale significantly better than Biology, mainly because they contain a significant portion of numerical calculations.

What are the easiest VCE subjects?

Top 5 Easiest VCE Subjects

  • English.
  • Further Maths.
  • Psychology.
  • Math Methods.
  • Health and Human Development.

Is a 40 study score good?

The median score is 30, which means if you have a raw study score of 30 then you have performed better than half of all students. If you have a study score of 40, then you’ve performed better than about 91% of all students who took the same subject.

Does Year 11 affect your ATAR?

Although Year 11 results do not inform any part of your child’s ATAR, these results are becoming increasingly more important to form conditional offers or early entry offers at some universities. On a different note, Year 11 will be the chance for your child to try new and adventurous approaches to their studies.

Is a 35 study score good?

Each year, and for every study, the mean study score is set at 30. A score of between 23 and 37 shows that you are in the middle range of students; a score of 38 or more indicates that you are in the top 15%. For studies with large enrolments (1,000 or more): 2% of students will get a score on or above 45.

What is the hardest ATAR subject?

Talking points Maths and science extension, chemistry and English as an additional language or dialect were the most difficult subjects in which to achieve band 6 in last year’s Higher School Certificate, while maths standard and music needed the lowest scaled marks, an analysis by Catholic Schools NSW has found.

What is the hardest Year 12 subject?

What are the 12 Hardest A-Level Subjects? The 12 hardest A-Level subjects are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, History, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The list also includes English Literature, Art, Psychology, Computer Programming and Music. You might be looking at some of these subjects and thinking, “No way!

Is 40 a pass in VCE?

Scores above 40 represent high achievement by students in specific subjects or studies. Three graded assessments for each VCE study contribute towards a study score (two for VCE VET studies that offer a study score), and these scores are, in turn, used to calculate an ATAR.

What is the average ATAR in Victoria?

Thirty-nine Victorian students – 29 male and 11 female – achieved the top score. Three of those girls studied at Methodist Ladies’ College at Kew in Melbourne’s east. The average ATAR across all students in the state was 69.26 with an average of 70.6 for female students and 67.62 for males.