What states are Kum and Go in?

About Kum & Go, L.C. Established in Hampton, Iowa, in 1959, the chain has since grown to employ 5,000 associates in nearly 400 stores across 11 states (Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming).

How do you use Kum and Go Andrewards?

– &Rewards Card

  1. Download the Kum & Go mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app will create a digital &Rewards Card to scan in the store.
  2. Pick up a red &Rewards Card at one of our stores and register it at kumandgo.com/rewards.

Who owns Kum N Go?

Krause Gentle CorporationKum & Go / Parent organization

Who invented Kum go?

William A. Krause
Tony S. Gentle
Kum & Go/Founders

Why is it called Kum & Go?

The Kum & Go name was adopted in 1975 to unify the company’s array of stores under a single brand. It was a play on the phrase “come and go” using the initials of founders Krause and Gentle.

Why is Kum and Go spelled that way?

What is a kum?

Kum, a Slavic form of a godfather or a groomsman, similar to a blood brother.

What is the largest convenience store chain?

7-Eleven Inc.
Top 202 Convenience Stores 2019

Rank Chain Name No. of Stores
1 7-Eleven Inc. 9519
2 Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. 7142
3 Speedway LLC 3854
4 Casey’s General Stores Inc. 2230

Did Pilot sell out to Caseys?

Ankeny-based Casey’s General Stores completes purchase of 40 Pilot convenience stores in Kentucky and Tennessee. ANKENY, Iowa (AP) —Iowa-based gas station and convenience store chain Casey’s General Stores Inc. completed the purchase of 40 stores from Knoxville, Tennessee-based Pilot Corp. for $220 million.

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