What stapler was used in Office Space?

Milton, the accidental hero of “Office Space,” was obsessed with his bright red Swingline® stapler for good reason. It was far superior to any other staplers on the market and was one of the reasons people kept swiping it in the office.

What color was the stapler in Office Space?

red Swingline
A candy-apple red Swingline stapler plays a prominent role in “Office Space,” a dark, low-profile 1999 comedy about a fictitious Texas software company and the everyday weirdos who work there. One is Milton, who devotes his workdays to guarding his red Swingline against pilfering by covetous co-workers.

Did the Red Swingline Stapler exist before Office Space?

the film changed one US company possibly more than any other: Swingline, manufacturer of pencil sharpeners, shredders, three-hole punchers, laminators, and—crucially—staplers. Before Office Space, the 94-year-old office supply company’s fame was confined mostly to the small world of stapling enthusiasts.

Who had the red stapler in Office Space?

You may or may not know Stephen Root by name, but chances are good that you think of him whenever you see a red stapler. As put-upon office-supply-hoarder Milton Waddams in Office Space, Root became a folk hero to disenfranchised cubicle workers everywhere.

Did Milton steal the money?

Well, he finally did it. After leaving the money and a note to Lumbergh in the Initech building, Peter later drove by to see the building in flames. The note was destroyed and Peter got away with the stealing scheme. Milton found the money and took off to a tropical destination with it.

Did the red Swingline stapler exist before Office Space?

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When was the red Swingline stapler made?

Fans began to demand red staplers and finally, in April 2002, Swingline debuted their red classic stapler… They’ve been making the red stapler ever since.