What song did Matt Monro sing to James Bond?

From Russia With Love
“From Russia With Love” (Matt Monro, 1963) Matt Monro was one of the big singing stars of the 60s – with hits such as “My Kind Of Girl’ – and his Bond song, written by Lionel Bart (of Oliver! fame) and arranged and composed by the celebrated John Barry, spent 13 weeks in the UK charts.

Did Matt Monro Sing From Russia With Love?

From Russia with Love is the theme song for the film From Russia with Love. It was composed by Lionel Bart, and performed by English singer Matt Monro.

Who wrote from Russia with love theme song?

Lionel Bart
George Baker
From Russia With Love/Composers

Is From Russia With Love a Bond movie?

“From Russia with Love” (1963) is one of the best James Bond movies and one of the first sequels to surpass the success of an original entry (“Dr. No”). Its existence represents a crucial reason for the series having lasted until today.

Who wrote the song from Russia?

Russians (song)

Length 3:58
Label A&M
Songwriter(s) Sting Sergei Prokofiev
Producer(s) Sting and Peter Smith

Where was the movie From Russia With Love filmed?

Istanbul, Turkey
Most of the film was set in Istanbul, Turkey. Locations included the Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia and the Sirkeci railway station, which also was used for the Belgrade and Zagreb railway stations.

Why is From Russia With Love so good?

From Russia With Love is tightly-plotted, and the shortest of the entire series. It moves at a brisk pace, features memorable villains and Connery is in top form. It’s vividly directed, well written and aptly blends intrigue, romance, and action into a satisfying whole. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Who was considered the most famous and successful band in the world?

The Beatles
#1 – The Beatles The Beatles had a short run of only 10 years from 1960 to 1970, but they’re still the best-selling artists of all time by far. If you were to add in their solo albums and side groups, they’ll hold that record forever.

How old was Sean Connery when he filmed from Russia with love?

Sean Connery No was released in 1962 and played the character in 6 films over 9 years. He was 33 for 1963’s Blofeld debut From Russia With Love, 34 by 1964’s Goldfinger, 35 in 1965’s Thunderball, and 37 in 1967’s You Only Live Twice.

Who is the greatest Bond ever?

Roger Moore For audiences of a certain age, Roger Moore is the absolute best Bond. And I don’t just mean for those who grew up in the 1970s and early ’80s. If you first binged your fair share of Bond flicks before the age of 12 or so, nobody did it better in those early years than Moore, the funny 007.