What size tank does a black ghost knife fish need?

100 gallons
Tank Size. The minimum tank size for one black ghost knife fish is 100 gallons. These fish can grow to be quite large and need a tank that’s big enough to accommodate them. Keeping a fish of this size in a smaller tank will not only increase their aggression, but it will cause their health to suffer as well.

Do black ghost knife fish grow fast?

Ghosts grow large, to 24 inches (60 cm). We will be starting with the smallest size we can find, i.e. around 2 inches (5 cm). And if we follow everything in this article, they will grow to their maximum size in about 2 years time.

Can 2 black ghost knife fish live together?

These are not an aggressive species toward other tank mates such as peaceful Cichlids, however, it becomes very aggressive when sharing small spaces with the same or similar species. If you choose to keep these fish together, you will need to allow a minimum of 80 gallons per fish.

Will ghost knife fish eat other fish?

The Amazon River basin, generally in fast flowing wa- ters of rivers and streams with a sandy bottom. It can reach 60 cm in the right conditions and can live more than 7 years given the right conditions. Black Ghost Knife Fish are carnivorous and eat in- sects, small crustaceans and fish in the wild.

How long do ghost knives live?

15 years
Black Ghost Knife Fish (Apteronotus albifrons): Care Guide

Common Name(s) Black Ghost Knife Fish
Food & Diet Carnivorous diet (prefers live fish food)
Lifespan 15 years
Water pH 6.0-8.0
Tank Mates South American Cichlids, Mono Sebae, peaceful Catfish species, Corydoras, and Discus.

What fish can live with ghost knife?

Black Ghost Knifefish are best kept with tank mates that are not too boisterous or aggressive. Discus, Geophagus, Severum, Angelfish, peaceful Catfish, peaceful Cichlids and larger (6 inches or more) community species make good tank mates.

What fish can go with ghost knife?

Do Ghost knives lay eggs?

Spawning occurs during the night, so hobbyists often miss the act but find eggs on the bottom of the tank. Be sure to include plenty of submerged plants, which serve as egg deposition sites. The eggs typically hatch within a week of spawning.

How big will a black knife ghost fish get?

how big would a black ghost knife fish get to? (pictures is the fish that im talking about) at the moment my one is 5 inches long. if it got too big for my tank, how much would a pet shop take it off my hands for? They can grow to over a foot long and are nocturnal. With proper sized tank, about 2ft. Without proper tank, it will be stunted.

What fish are compatible with Black Ghost knife?

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  • How big a black ghost knife fish be?

    The Black Ghost Knife Fish is a fairly substantial fish in terms of size. On average, these fish can grow to be up to 20 inches in size, and in some cases can actually grow up to 25 inches in size. They are fairly thick too, reaching up to 3 inches in width.

    What is the life expectancy of a ghost knife fish?

    The typical life expectancy of the Black Ghost knifefish is around eight years under proper keeping. These spans could, in some cases, reach as long as ten years.