What should I inspect for harness?

A safety harness inspection should be personally conducted before each use. When inspecting your harness look for stitching that may be broken, burned or pulled and stitching or rivets at hardware attachment points. Closely examine all webbing, belt ends, buckles and D-Rings. These few minutes could save your life.

How often should you inspect the lanyard and harness?

Fall protection and fall rescue equipment shall be inspected on a regular basis not to exceed one year (or more frequently if required by the manufacturer’s instructions) by a competent person or a competent rescuer, as appropriate, to verify that the equipment is safe for use.”

What are the steps for inspecting the safety lanyard?

Specific – Lanyard

  1. Stitching and webbing. Check stitching for broken, burned, cut or pulled stitches.
  2. Check for broken strands.
  3. Inspect all snap hooks, D-Rings and other metal parts.
  4. Destroy and replace all worn or damaged Ultra-Safe equipment.
  5. The inspector is the most important part of any inspection procedure.

Do harnesses need to be inspected?

While the pre-use inspection is necessary, the closer look an inspector gives the equipment ensures the harness is inspected properly. ANSI recommends that formal inspections should be done at intervals of no more than six months. In inspector should not be the person wearing that particular harness.

What are three defects you look for when inspecting your fall protection equipment?

Visually inspect for loose threads, pulled rivets, burns, cuts, abrasions, or other evidence of chemical or physical deterioration that may have weakened the material or assembly. Inspect all hardware including, but not limited to, hooks, buckles and D-rings. Look for any cracks or malfunction.

How long is a harness good for?

The Official Advice On When To Replace Safety Harnesses As a general rule, the average lifespan of a typical safety harness is around five years. This does depend on the make and model of the harness itself – some are even approved for up to ten years.

How often should a harness be checked?

12 monthly
As with all PPE, harnesses must be examined at least 12 monthly and should also be subject to Pre-Use Checks, Detailed Periodic Inspections and Interim Inspections.

How long are harness and lanyards good for?

Depending on the industry, it can range from 6 months to 6 years. Some safety harnesses can even last over 10 years depending on the amount of use and the quality of the maintenance and storage it sees.

What important elements must be considered during the inspection of webbing lanyards?

The key elements to look for are lanyard material (webbing, cable or rope), hardware (buckle, ring, snap hook), stitching and label.

What must be done before a harness and lanyard are used?

If it has been determined that the employee needs to wear a harness and lanyard, they must first be trained in how to use and inspect this critical piece of personal safety equipment. Prior to putting on any harness, it must be inspected.

Do safety harnesses need to be certified?

The harness Regular inspection and testing of this equipment is essential to ensuring each part of the system is in good condition and able to perform correctly in the event of a fall. BS 7883 requires that all fall arrest systems must be certified by a competent person at least every 12 months.

How long are harnesses good for OSHA?

ANSI and OSHA maintain that it is up to the manufacturer to set the shelf life (“life expectancy”) for their products. For Guardian Fall Protection, the shelf life is five (5) years from the date of first use. Again, the key here is to follow inspection rules of ANSI, OSHA and Guardian.